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Protection Portfolio

The Daintree, Queensland

44 of the properties protected by Rainforest Rescue can be found in the Daintree, Far North Queensland. The Daintree Rainforest is recognised as one of the most ecologically diverse in the world and contains species that have links to ancient lineages – it is of international conservation importance.
Rainforest Rescue’s ‘Protect a Rainforest’ project focuses on purchasing rainforest blocks for conservation and protecting them forever, increasing connectivity and protecting biodiversity.

Tree planting in the Daintree Rainforest

13 properties are now protected in the Forest Creek precinct. These properties are part of the Rainforest Rescue Nature Refuge. All properties are classified as ‘essential habitat’ for the endangered Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) and are also known habitat for the rare Bennett’s tree-kangaroo (Dendrolagus bennettianus). These properties and the surrounding environment are habitat for a variety of filmy ferns, palms and other rare species and regional ecosystem.

Address Date
Lot 7 Forest Creek Rd. 51,600 Jul 2005
Lot 8 Forest Creek Rd. 12,000 Jul 2006
Lot 15 Forest Creek Rd. 10,000 Sep 2012
Lot 9 Forest Creek Rd. 11,930 Jan 2013
Lot 16 Forest Creek Rd. 16,400 Nov 2013
Lot 17 Forest Creek Rd. 18,330 Apr 2014
Lot 18 Forest Creek Rd. 21,050 Apr 2014
Lot 13 Forest Creek Rd. 10,000 Oct 2014
Lot 2 Forest Creek Rd. 38,140 Aug 2018
Lot 19 Forest Cl. 68,474 Jan 2022
Lot 36 Ronald Rd. 20,300 May 2022
Lot 11 Forest Creek Rd. 10,000 Jul 2023
Lot 12 Forest Creek Rd. 10,000 Jul 2023

16 properties are now protected by Rainforest Rescue in the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor under the Milky Pine Nature Refuge agreement. These properties and the immediate area have been classified as ‘essential habitat’ for the endangered southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) and also contain 6 threatened plant species including Noah’s walnut (Endiondra microneura) and Chingia australis.

Address Date
Lot 14 Cape Tribulation Rd. 10,700 May 2008
Lot 29 Cape Tribulation Rd. 19,200 May 2009
Lot 10 Milky Pine Rd. 12,800 May 2010
Lot 7 Milky Pine Rd. 11,100 May 2011
Lot 9 Milky Pine Rd. 12,100 Sep 2012
Lot 16 Daley Rd. 8,331 Oct 2012
Lot 38 Cape Tribulation Rd. 10,240 Jun 2016
Lot 32 Cape Tribulation Rd. 10,700 Sep 2016
Lot 33 Cape Tribulation Rd. 10,960 Sep 2016
Lot 19 Daly Cl. 10,680 Feb 2018
Lot 30 Cape Tribulation Rd. 14,740 Dec 2019
Lot 27 Cape Tribulation Rd. 17,800 Jan 2020
Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Rd. 16,060 Jul 2020
Lot 36 Cape Tribulation Rd. 10,000 Nov 2021
Lot 41 Cape Tribulation Rd. 186,000 Feb 2023
Lot 17 Cape Tribulation Rd. 8,903 Dec 2023

Rainforest Rescue owns 8 properties in the Cow Bay area which form the Baralba Corridor Nature Refuge. These properties form a link between two isolated areas of the Daintree National Park/World Heritage Area. The properties form a valuable wildlife corridor for the endangered southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) as well as 3 vulnerable and 11 rare plants including the only known location of a previously thought extinct species of fern.

Address Date
Lot 90 Cedar Rd. 10,400 Jul 2001
Lot 103 Buchanan Creek Rd. 10,079 Oct 2001
Lot 75 Buchanan Creek Rd. 10,000 May 2002
Lot 117 Spurwood Rd. 10,040 Feb 2003
Lot 97 Rosewood Rd. 9,998 Sep 2003
Lot 83 Rosewood Rd. 10,000 Jan 2012
Lot 82 Rosewood Rd. 10,000 May 2012
Lot 106 Buchanan Creek Rd. 9,999 Dec 2017

Rainforest Rescue owns 1 property at Diwan located on Cape Tribulation Road. Lot 46, now known as ‘Kurranji Bubu’ (Cassowary Land) is our largest Daintree property to date at 27.66 hectares. This property was restored under our ‘Plant a Rainforest’ project.

Address Date
Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Rd. 276,300 Aug 2010

Kulki Anga Nature Refuge consists of 1 property. ‘Kulki Anga’ means ‘Cape Tribulation home for wildlife’ and it’s a fitting name. This property includes 24 species of ferns and an amazing 185 species of flowering plants. Not to mention, a very impressive specimen of Hope’s cycad (Lepidozamia hopei) which stands at 6 metres in height.

Address Date
Lot 22 Camelot Cl. 21,160 Apr 2007

We purchase rainforest properties to protect their genuine biodiversity and conservation values. We then initiate the process of further protection through the official creation of Nature Refuges, which protect the properties from potential abuse or misuse in the future and are attached to the title. The following properties are in process, awaiting their formal agreements – stay tuned!

Address Date
Lot 15 Thornton Peak Dr. 26,100 Feb 2019
Lot 18 Cape Kimberley Rd.  89,300 Jun 2021
Lot 1 Cape Tribulation Rd. 39,500 Dec 2023

Rainforest Rescue maintains ownership of the properties we’ve rescued with the exception of 2 properties that were gifted back to National Parks in 2012 /2013.

Address Protection Date
199 Cedar Rd. Daintree National Park 10,900 Aug 2012
Lot 76 Rosewood Rd. Daintree National Park 10,200 Sep 2013

Rattler Range, Tasmania

In addition to the Daintree properties protected by Rainforest Rescue, Forest Lodge in Tasmania is a stunning property. It is located on the Rattler Range and is surrounded on three sides by the Mount Victoria State Forest Reserve. This has been designated by the Tasmanian government as a conservation zone. The property was once one of a number of land parcels owned by the timber company Gunns Ltd. but became available for purchase in June 2010 when Gunns Ltd auctioned off 28,000 hectares of land in Tasmania. Rainforest Rescue responded to the request of one of its supporters to investigate the potential to buy some of this land and protect it forever.

Rattler Range (Credit: Lesley Nicklason)

The dominant trees on the property are old-growth Myrtle Beech and Sassafras, a feature being the very large number and size of Soft Tree Ferns (Dicksonia Antarctica) that are known in Tasmania as Man Ferns. The Reserve provides suitable habitat for the Tasmania Wedge-tailed Eagle and the Tasmania Devil — an animal that is in great danger of extinction from habitat loss and facial tumour disease. It may also be home to other rare and endangered animals such as the Spotted-Tail Quoll, which is the second largest of the world’s surviving marsupial carnivores.

Address Name Date
Forest Lodge Rd. Forest Lodge Rainforest Reserve 809,400 Aug 2012
Protection Portfolio


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