Lot 30 Cape Tribulation Rd – RESCUED!

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It’s official: Lot 30 Cape Tribulation Rd is now part of the Rainforest Rescue portfolio of protection.

You did it!

Last June many of you stepped up to help rescue a beautiful, pristine rainforest block that would help to expand the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor and protect precious biodiversity and habitat.

After MANY months we finally made it through the process that had the land title transferred and the funds you contributed go to the landowner.

Thanks to those of you who put your support forward to support Nature, we are successful.

We will begin the process of getting Lot 30 certified as a nature refuge and officially added to the growing wildlife corridor.

For now, take a moment to reflect on what you helped make possible. See how your support is meaningful. And note how that makes your life, just that much more meaningful itself.

Thank you.

Together we Protect Rainforests Forever!

And the next opportunity is coming up! We’re aiming to protect another, adjacent property in this corridor area for our next campaign. Want to get a leg up? Click here to support this next rescue.

Click here if you’d like to start a fundraiser through the chuffed.org fundraising platform.

Or click here if you’d like to join the cadre of Rainforest Guardians – those who turn their desire to protect rainforests into a monthly contribution that makes the world of difference.


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