Meet our Conservation Partners

At Rainforest Rescue we believe that together, we can achieve so much more. Below is a list of our conservation partners – these wonderful organisations are helping us Protect Rainforests Forever.

Big Scrub Landcare

Big Scrub Landcare (BSL) was formed in 1993 as the community’s response to overcoming threats to the survival of the remaining remnants of critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest in the Big Scrub region of north-eastern NSW.

BSL is the voice of the rainforest.

BSL’s mission is to promote, facilitate and undertake long-term restoration and ongoing care of critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest.

Please visit their site to learn more about their important work.

Great Barrier Reef Legacy

Great Barrier Reef Legacy (GBRL) deliver groundbreaking projects, innovative research and inspiring educational content to engage the public, support science and accelerate actions vital to the preservation of coral reefs.

Built on over 35 years of expedition, tourism, multimedia and research experience on the Great Barrier Reef, GBRL’s team has extensive knowledge of the reef, and is comprised of dedicated and skilled volunteers with an unwavering commitment to protecting our reefs.

Rainforest Rescue and GBRL work together to expand coastal rainforest habitat while also improving water quality for the benefit of a healthier Reef.

Please visit their site to learn more about their important work.

Jabalbina Aboriginal Corporation

Jabalbina is the registered Cultural Heritage Body for Eastern Kuku Yalanji Bama ensuring the landscape of Kuku Yalanji Bubu (lands) is both environmentally and culturally secure.

Jabalbina works closely with its Kuku Yalanji Traditional Owners to ensure the maintenance of Kuku Yalanji Bama culture through a number of programs and projects on and off Country.

Rainforest Rescue has worked with Jabalbina on restoration and land management projects and we are working forwards on emerging projects that will best support restoration and traditional owners working for and on country.

Please visit their site to learn more about their important work.

Queensland Trust for Nature

Queensland Trust for Nature (QTFN) is a conservation-focused, independent, not-for-profit organisation.  They work with landholders as well as educators, businesses, and the government to develop and demonstrate scalable environmental projects on private land.  As well as partnering with other landholders, they own and actively manage several properties, including a cattle station and an island in the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Rainforest Rescue and QTFN work together on restoration and conservation projects, with a shared goal of increased conservation and biodiversity outcomes for Nature.

Please visit their site to learn more about them.

Rainforest Rescue Germany | Rettet den Regenwald

Rainforest Rescue is a nonprofit organization actively committed to preserving rainforests, protecting their inhabitants, and furthering social reforms. In addition to organising campaigns to influence businesses to stop destructive activities, Rainforest Rescue Germany provides direct support to activist groups in rainforest countries campaigning for forest conservation, indigenous rights, social progress and sustainable development and helps to raise funds for the purchase of rainforest property.

Rettet den Regenwald, as they are known in their native Germany, has provided significant support to help Rainforest Rescue here in Australia to buyback and protect forever rainforest properties under threat from development.
Their commitment to Nature and the rainforests of the world is strong and their actions are significant.

Please visit their site to learn more about their important work.

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