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It’s our nature to protect and we’re on a mission to Protect Rainforests Forever

Rainforest Rescue has been strategically buying back at-risk rainforest properties and restoring degraded rainforest in the Daintree since 1999. Our primary focus is to increase connectivity, preserve biodiversity and protect rainforests forever. Learn more about our work below.

Save a Rainforest (© Martin Stringer)

Save a Rainforest

Our Daintree Buy Back Project – focused on the strategic rescue of pristine rainforest properties & protecting them from development forever,  increasing essential wildlife habitat and connectivity.

Plant a Rainforest (© Martin Stringer)

Plant a Rainforest

Our rainforest restoration project replants previously cleared areas of rainforest and establishes habitat for the plants and animals endemic to that specific ecosystem protecting biodiversity.

Kurranji Bubu Nature Refuge (© Martin Stringer)

Kurranji Bubu (Lot 46)

Learn about one of our greatest restoration projects – Kurranji Bubu (Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Rd) – which was transformed from an abandoned palm oil plantation into a protected Nature Refuge.

NightWings (© Martin Stringer)


Transforming agricultural land into rainforest habitat & reconnecting the upper Daintree Rainforest with the Great Barrier Reef at NightWings Rainforest Centre.


The Daintree

How big is the Daintree Rainforest? Why is it worth protecting? Who are the Traditional Owners of the Daintree Rainforest?  Find these answers & more here!


Native Plant Nursery

Rainforest Rescue’s native plant nursery propagates and grows all the rainforest trees for our Daintree lowland restoration work under our Plant a Rainforest Project.


The Wet Tropics

Did you know that the Wet Tropics of Queensland ranks as the second most irreplaceable natural World Heritage Area? Find out more about the wonders of the Wet Tropics here.

white lipped green tree frog

Conservation Value

The Daintree Rainforest is home to an amazing variety of plants and animals. Many of these are ‘endemic’ to the region meaning that they are found nowhere else on the planet.


Current Threats

The World Heritage Area does not extend to all of the Daintree with much of the coastal lowland tropical rainforest remaining unprotected from development & fragmentation.

Daintree Blockade 1983 (Photo Lesley Clarke)

History of Development

Learn about the history of development in the Daintree, the governments’ involvement in buy back & why we’ve made it our mission to Protect Rainforests Forever.

Flora at NightWings

David Suzuki’s Message

Dr. David Suzuki, the world-renowned journalist, and biologist urged all Australian’s to get behind Rainforest Rescue’s Daintree Buy Back and Protect Forever Project.


Self Drive Tour

Planning on a visit soon? Download our self-drive tour map and visit some of our rescue & restoration properties as you journey through the beautiful Daintree Rainforest.

Looking for a list of properties rescued?

Visit our Properties Saved page.



When you give generously, you become part of a committed team of individuals who collectively are helping to preserve some of the most biodiverse habitats and the species that live within them on this planet. Become a Rainforest Rescuer today!



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