Our Conservation Strategy

We believe Trees are the Answer & our vision is to Protect Rainforests Forever

RESCUE: Rainforest Rescue’s cornerstone activity (and ‘point of difference’ from many environmental organisations) is its Save a Rainforest project, through which over 150 hectares of Australian rainforest –mostly zoned for development – has been purchased for preservation.

RESTORE: Rainforest Rescue currently works with and through organisations in Queensland and New South Wales. It has its own community nursery in Far North Queensland where it propagates around 180 species of rainforest plants from collected seeds. These are planted to restore degraded rainforest land to high levels of biodiversity as part of the Plant a Rainforest project. When rainforest flora is restored, fauna returns.

CONSERVE: Efforts to conserve threatened and endangered plant and animal species are integral to Rainforest Rescue’s work. ‘Keystone’ species, such as the Southern Cassowary, are vital to rainforest ecosystems, and protecting them is important if rainforests are to survive.

LEARN: Rainforest Rescue works with academics, universities, and other research institutions on scientific research and evaluation projects that help us to better understand the ecology and functions of the rainforest and the biodiversity within them. Campaigns such as Save the Cassowary and regular newsletters, volunteer events, and media updates continue to spread the message that rainforests and the biodiversity within them are critical to human life and urgently need our attention and protection.

For more information about Rainforest Rescue’s Conservation Strategy, please contact our CEO, Branden Barber.

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