Save the Cassowary

Listed as endangered, the Australian Southern Cassowary has fewer than 4,600 birds left in the wild. These living dinosaurs play a crucial role in rainforest ecology and regeneration.

Save the Cassowary is a unique partnership between Rainforest Rescue, government organisations, business partners, Aboriginal Corporations, universities and 20+ zoos and other non-government organisations — to raise awareness of the plight of the Endangered Australian Southern Cassowary and raise funds to help protect these rare creatures.

Why do we need Save the Cassowary?

The cassowary is under increasing threat from loss of habitat due to development, car strikes, dog attacks and the increased severity and frequency of natural disasters.

They are regarded as a ‘keystone’ species. Through eating the fruits of over 240 species of rainforest plants and excreting the seeds great distances from the parent plant, the cassowary plays a vital role as a ‘rainforest gardener’. Many rainforest plants depend on the cassowary to move about the landscape … without them, the structure of the rainforest would permanently change.

Shy by nature and only posing a threat when defending their nests or chicks or when threatened.

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Thank you to Rainforest Rescue’s Ecological Advisor, Allen Sheather, and Barbara Maslen, of Wild Wings & Swampy Things for their valuable contributions.

Save the Cassowary


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