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Our projects

Rainforest Rescue has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1998. We do this by purchasing and protecting the biodiversity of high conservation value rainforest, and by re-establishing rainforest through planting, maintenance and restoration.

Save a rainforest

Rainforests support around 50% of the land-based species of plants and animals on Earth. Beautiful, dynamic, and structurally complex, these forests are essential contributors to global ecology and represent millions of years of evolution.

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Plant a rainforest

The rainforests are disappearing with 65,000 hectares cleared or significantly degraded every single day. Imagine the world without them and all their species. Plant a tree and help the rainforests grow.

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Species conservation

We are losing the rich diversity of the rainforests. Many of these irreplaceable animal and plant species are now under threat and need our help to survive into the future.

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Rainforest Rescue's LivingGifts

Support real on-ground conservation projects in Australia and overseas Learn more about our meaningful gifts

How to help

There are a range of ways that you can help Rainforest Rescue protect rainforests forever. Follow the links below to find out how you, your business or your school can help save and replant the rainforest.


Our Ongoing Giving Program as a Rainforest Rescuer is a simple but effective way to help.

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Rainforest Rescue's Business Partnership Program is an excellent way for businesses to support us.

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Inspire students to make a difference and gain a greater understanding in protecting our environment.

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Workplace giving

Workplace Giving is one of the most effective ways of donating to Rainforest Rescue.

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Your gift today will support Rainforest Rescue & Big Scrub Landcare in their mission to Protect Rainforests Forever!
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Did you know that for the price of a cup of coffee, once a week, you can help plant as many as 24 trees this year? Or you can help restore up to 48 square metres of rainforest in the Australian Daintree? It's true! Become a monthly supporter!
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