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Celebrating 25 years of your support in protecting and restoring rainforests.

Protecting and Restoring Rainforests is Climate Action

How YOU can help



Our ‘Protect a Rainforest’ project focuses on purchasing rainforest blocks for conservation and protecting them forever, increasing connectivity and protecting biodiversity.

Plant a Rainforest (© Martin Stringer)


Our ‘Plant a Rainforest’ projects replant rainforest and re-establish habitat for plants and animals’ endemic to that specific ecosystem. We believe Trees Are The Answer.



Rainforest Rescue’s native nursery in Cow Bay propagates and grows all the rainforest trees for our Daintree lowland restoration projects. It’s time to grow!

From little things, big things grow

and look how you’ve helped rainforests grow since 1999!

320,412 in Australia
33,000 Overseas
44 in Daintree, Queensland
1 in Pyengana, Tasmania
1,222,114 in the Daintree
809,400 in Tasmania
by Nature Refuge status
in Australia
Founded on
25 March 1999


In 1999, our founders set out to protect the under-protected rainforest in Australia. What matters then still matters now. Rainforests are biodiverse, ecologically rich habitats that are important to our planet’s health. To borrow a phrase, “The better time to plant a tree was 25 years ago. The best time is now.”



Help restore the Daintree Rainforest and plant more trees than ever before. To deliver a tree-planting capacity of 150,000 trees a year, the nursery needs a range of practical items. Your support is critical in ensuring the continuing operations of the Daintree’s largest nursery.



After what has felt like the longest wet season in recent memory, it was a real joy for the Rainforest Rescue community to come together at Nightwings Rainforest Centre on 18th May.
Thanks to everyone who participated, the day exceeded all expectations!



When you give generously, you become part of a committed team of individuals who collectively are helping to preserve some of the most biodiverse habitats and the species that live within them on this planet.
Become a Rainforest Rescuer today!

  • “At Klorane we are pharmacists, we are botanists, and we are committed to the planet. And we have been doing this for over 50 years. 2022 marks an important year as we are going one step further in our environmental actions by supporting Rainforest Rescue in growing 50,000 trees in the Daintree. It is our mission to support crucial plant rescue and protection programs, as well as inspiring a love of plant science in generations to come.”

    Laurent-Emmanuel Saffré Head of Oceania Region for Klorane and CEO of Pierre Fabre Australia

Rainforest Rescue on Instagram

Last Wednesday, on #WorldEnvironmentDay, UN Secretary-General Guterres delivered a pivotal speech at the American Museum of Natural History with opening remarks by UN Special Envoy Michael R. Bloomberg and Museum President Sean M. Decatur 🌏💚.

Secretary-General Guterres speech highlighted the urgency with which we need to be addressing climate change and, set out what companies and countries – particularly the G7 and the G20 – need to do over the next eighteen months to salvage humanity`s chances of a liveable future.

To read the speech in full, visit (or click the `News` 🔗 in our bio).

@unitednations #UnitedNations #ClimateChange #ClimateAction #1Point5Degrees #Restoration #Conservation #ProtectRainforestsForever #ProtectOurPlanet

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Like the Bleeding heart (Homalanthus novo-guineensis), a pioneer species in rainforest regeneration, we aim to preserve and protect the Daintree, and we choose to grow and plant Homalanthus novo-guineensis as one of hundreds of other native species, reforesting precious tropical ecosystems. Your support is critical in ensuring the continuing operations of the Daintree’s largest nursery 🌱🌳🌳🌳.

Donate today: and share with your family and friends (link in bio) 💚.

#DaintreeRainforest #Rainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #PlantTrees #DaintreeNursery #NativeNursery #Daintree #DaintreeAppeal #Donate #ProtectDaintree

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#CritterCorner: The Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii)`s role in the dispersal of rainforest fruit is well documented as it is the only animal able to ingest the larger rainforest fruit whole. Once the fruit has passed through the bird most of the fleshy part of the fruit has been removed from the seed leaving it ready to germinate in a lovely pile of compost 💩🌱🌳.

Learn more fascinating facts on our website.

🎥: BBC Earth

#SouthernCassowary #Daintree #DaintreeRainforest #DaintreeBirds #RainforestGardener #FarNorthQueensland #RainforestGuardian #Cassowary #FNQ #TropicalRainforest #AustralianRainforest #AncientRainforest #ProtectRainforestsForever #SupportNotForProfits #Donate #DinoBirds @birdlifeoz @birdsinbackyards @birdsofaustralia

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Have heard of #NextGenRainforestRescuers? Maybe you even know someone?

They`re a community of young conservation troopers that have been fundraising, planting trees, making documentaries, educating themselves and their peers, and helping create change in many diverse, impactful, and creative ways 💚.

Help us create a better future for all young people by becoming a Rainforest Guardian today: (🔗 in bio).

Or, if you know a #NextGenRainforestRescuer that you`d like to see featured, DM us here 💬 or email 💌.

#AustralianRainforest #PlantTrees #DaintreeRainforest #RainforestGuardian #YoungPeople #Youth #LoveTrees #RainforestJourney @daintreediscovery @destinationdaintree @portdouglas #AustralianRainforest @qldparks @destinationdaintree @portdouglasdaintree @portdouglasuncovered @cairnstourism @cairnsaustralia #Conservation #Environment #TreesAreTheAnswer #Daintree #DaintreeNationalPark #PlantTrees #MoreTrees #Donate #SupportNotForProfits

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We’re super excited about @rainforestconnections 2024 💚.

It’s the first conference in over two decades that is dedicated to the restoration, rehabilitation, and management of Australia’s unique rainforest habitats.

Along with our excitement for the conference itself we’re also looking forward to spending time with some of Australia’s rainforest restoration and conservation experts including:

💚 @sean.dooley.birdman - Author, Comedian, Birdman and editor of one of our favourite publications – Australian Birdlife Magazine (@birdlifeoz).
💚 Dr Tony Parkes AO - Founder and past president of Big Scrub Rainforest Conservancy (@bigscrubrainforest), and co-founder of Rainforest Rescue.
💚 Karen Somerville - Researcher in plant conservation science at The Australian PlantBank (@botanicsydney).

Plus, Branden (RR CEO) and Tate (RR GM Finance & Op’s) will take the stage to present on growing the restoration economy and discuss learnings from 25 years of protecting and restoring the world’s most ancient rainforest, the Daintree.

We’re a proud sponsor of Rainforest Connections, along with a few of our partners - Big Scrub Rainforest Conservancy, @_brookfarm_, and @firewheelrainforestnursery – and some other incredible organisations.

Visit for full details.

#RainforestConnections #EcoConference #RainforestExperts #RainforestConnections2024 #ProtectRainforestsForever

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#CritterCorner: Have you heard the Green Oriole (Oriolus flavocinctus) before 👂?

One of their calls is a deep, liquid, fluty call - evocative sound of the coastal rainforests of tropical northern Australia 💚.

Next time you visit the Daintree, take a moment to be still and look up - you just might be lucky enough to spot one of these beauties and hear one of their calls. You`ll typically find them alone, sometimes in pairs, and during non-breeding season you may even see a small flock.

📷: Martin Stringer
🎙️: Michael Billerbeck - Birds & Nature

#Daintree #DaintreeRainforest #DaintreeBirds #RainforestGardener #FarNorthQueensland #RainforestGuardian #FNQ #TropicalRainforest #AustralianRainforest #AncientRainforest #ProtectRainforestsForever #SupportNotForProfits #Donate #DinoBirds @birdlifeoz @birdsinbackyards @birdsofaustralia #AustralianBirds #DaintreeBirds #DaintreeWildlife

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Emily, Rainforest Rescue’s Daintree Supporters Coordinator (in the green `Plant a Rainforest t-shirt, to the right of the photo), often says that taking action, wherever we are, is what makes change happen. And we cannot agree more!

Emily kindly shared a list of simple and effective ways you can take action to make a difference as well. From your own Forest Fundraisers to encouraging native plants and wildlife in your backyard with many engaging activities in between, Emily reminds us that every positive action has a ripple effect & that we all have the potential to make a long-lasting difference.

Check out all the great action ideas online: (link in bio) and share some of yours in the comments below.

#DaintreeRainforest #FarNorthQueensland #EasternKukuYalanji #RainforestGuardians #ProtectRainforests #Daintree #ConservationGoals #AncientRainforest #AustralianRainforest #LoveDaintree #NativeNursery #GrowingTrees #NativeTrees #AustralianTrees #GrowTrees #ClimateChange #DaintreeSupporters #Conservation #TakeAction #Environment

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Join a movement of passionate supporters committed to the protection of the Daintree. Your support enables the ongoing protection and restoration of the world’s most ancient rainforest.

Together we can make a HUGE impact!

Join today: (link in bio) and share with a friend 💚.

📷: Lisa Bartlett

#DaintreeRainforest #ProtectDaintree #TreesAreTheAnswer #RainforestGuardians #FNQ #WetTropics #LoveDaintree #Conservation #ConservationGoals #Biodiversity #GreenEconomy #Conservation #Reforestation #Regeneration #ProtectDaintree #FNQ #PlantTrees #NativeNursery #AustralianRainforest #AncientRainforest #ClimateChange #ConservationPartners #EcologicalRestoration #WetTropics #FarNorthQueensland #LoveTrees @daintreediscovery @destinationdaintree @portdouglas #AustralianRainforest @qldparks @destinationdaintree @portdouglasdaintree @portdouglasuncovered @cairnstourism @cairnsaustralia #PlantMoreTrees #RainforestProtection #ConservationCommunity

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A key strategic tenet of Rainforest Rescue’s upscaling of our resourcing and capacity in the Daintree region is to support other restoration projects 🌱.

@daintreelife partnership in tree production with Rainforest Rescue is a means to restore lowland rainforest habitat at their project site, near Newell Beach in Far North Queensland.

The Bells Road project will see farmland that was cleared for sugar cane and cattle grazing being restored to pre-clearance ecosystems.

It’s a large, sprawling site at the southern end of the Daintree rainforest, where mangroves and seasonal freshwater creeks and lagoons intermingle with a mix of melaleuca (paperbark) and corymbia (bloodwood) forest. We are very excited about this project (and many more happening at the moment) 💚.

Read more online:

#DaintreeRainforest #FarNorthQueensland #PlantingTrees #RainforestGuardians #ProtectRainforests #Daintree #ConservationGoals #AncientRainforest #AustralianRainforest #LoveDaintree #Reforestation #Ecosystems #NorthQueensland #ProtectRainforestsForever #PartnershipsForProtection #TimeToGrow

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We’re restoring and protecting rainforests FOREVER, on a mission to deliver a tree-planting capacity of 150,000 trees a year 🌳🌳🌳.

Your support will help us do exactly that and make sure that the Daintree`s largest nursery thrives.

Read more details online: (link in bio).

#DaintreeRainforest #Rainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #PlantTrees #DaintreeNursery #NativeNursery #Daintree #DaintreeAppeal #Donate #ProtectDaintree

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2024 Annual Community Tree Planting Day sneak peek 👀

Sending out a massive THANK YOU to everyone who came along & got their hands dirty 🙏🌱💚🌳

Stay tuned for the official video from @martinstringerphotography - coming soon!

#PlantARainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #TheBestTimeIsNow #RR25 #RainforestRescueTurns25 #NightWingsRainforestCentre #ProtectRainforestsForever #Restoration #Daintree

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It`s International Day for Biological Diversity 🌱.

Biodiversity ensures the resilience of our planet 🌏. This is why the accelerating loss of biodiversity in all regions of the world is an urgent problem that impacts everyone and everything. It`s a big deal.

The tropical rainforest ecosystem is one of the most complex on earth, and is home to the rare and threatened species of life. This is why today (and every day!), we focus on restoring and protecting the biodiversity of the Daintree. And want to help raise awareness of the importance of this work!

Take a moment today to learn more about the Daintree and the work we`re doing to protect it forever (head over to our website): 👀.

📷: Martin Stringer

#Biodiversity #Ecosystems #Conservation #DaintreeRainforest #Rainforest #ProtectRainforest #Daintree #DaintreeWildlife #TreesAreTheAnswer #LoveDaintree #InternationalDayforBiologicalDiversity @unbiodiversity #BuildBackBiodiversity #BiodiversityDay #BiodiversityMatters

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#CritterCorner: Did you know that Spectacled Flying-foxes (Pteropus conspicillatus) are part of the Megabat family and don’t use sonar or echolocation, instead depending on vision and excellent sense of smell 🦇.

They are very vocal, having between 20 and 40 different vocalisations (more than any other mammal except some primates). All social interactions usually involve some vocal communication, for example, a brief squabble over roosting space (“You’re in my way!”, or “Leave me alone!”) - listen in 👂.

If you want to learn what some of their vocalisations mean check out the YouTube video "No me, no tree" by Tim Pearson.

Learn more about Spectacled Flying-foxes on our website:

To learn more about FNQ`s flying-foxes, check out @flyingfoxesfnq

🎤: Songs of Disappearance (YouTube)

#SpectacledFlyingFoxes #DaintreeBats #Bats #RainforestBats #RainforestFlyingFoxes #DaintreeRainforest #AncientRainforest #FNQ #ProtectRainforest

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It`s National Volunteer Week 💚.

What an opportunity to highlight the important role of everyone who volunteered with Rainforest Rescue and in our community. Your work means a lot to us!

And we want to invite people not currently volunteering to give it a go: - it can be such a rewarding experience with a meaningful and tangible impacts.

#Volunteers #Volunteering #ProtectRainforest #Daintree #DaintreeRainforest #NationalVolunteerWeek #CommunityWork @volunteeringaustralia

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