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Together We Can Protect Rainforests Forever

Rainforests play a critical role in fighting climate change

30 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions are stored in our rainforests. Raising awareness for the urgent need to protect rainforests, 18 global influencers share their stories and artworks on compostable BioPak Art Series cups.

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Explore the Campaign

Elliott Routledge Voices For The Rainforest

Elliott Routledge is an Australian based contemporary artist, working out of Sydney in a variety of fields and mediums.

Arnhem Voices For The Rainforest

Arnhem Bickley is the founder of Arnhem Clothing, a sustainable clothing brand that is consciously crafted. 

Patty Mills Voices For The Rainforest

Patty Mills is an Australian Professional NBA Champion, four-time Olympian & founder of Team Mills Foundation.

Want to find a café near you that stocks Voices For the Rainforest Cups? Email

For information on how to compost your cup please visit

Based in the US or UK? Click here to visit Rainforest Rescue on GlobalGiving
Donations made via GlobalGiving are tax-deductible in the US, or UK taxpayers can give in GBP and claim an extra 25% if Gift Aid eligible.

Voices for the Rainforest


Rainforest Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation purchasing high conservation value rainforest at risk of development, rescuing these properties and protecting them, forever. They also deliver restoration work through tree planting, transforming degraded properties back into lush rainforest and thriving habitats. So far, 35 properties have been saved by Rainforest Rescue in the Daintree lowlands, where they remain forever protected and out-of-reach of threatening activities.

Voices for the Rainforest


BioPak creates compostable packaging designed for a circular economy where there is no waste. It starts with responsibly sourced materials, continues with environmentally certified manufacturing processes, and ends with disposal options that see resources reused or regenerated. BioCups are made from plants, certified carbon-neutral and can be industrially composted where facilities exist.

Rainforest Rescue on Instagram

Join a movement of passionate supporters committed to the protection of the Daintree. Your support enables the ongoing protection and restoration of the world’s most ancient rainforest.

Together we can make a HUGE impact!

Join today: (link in bio) and share with a friend 💚.

📷: Lisa Bartlett

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A key strategic tenet of Rainforest Rescue’s upscaling of our resourcing and capacity in the Daintree region is to support other restoration projects 🌱.

@daintreelife partnership in tree production with Rainforest Rescue is a means to restore lowland rainforest habitat at their project site, near Newell Beach in Far North Queensland.

The Bells Road project will see farmland that was cleared for sugar cane and cattle grazing being restored to pre-clearance ecosystems.

It’s a large, sprawling site at the southern end of the Daintree rainforest, where mangroves and seasonal freshwater creeks and lagoons intermingle with a mix of melaleuca (paperbark) and corymbia (bloodwood) forest. We are very excited about this project (and many more happening at the moment) 💚.

Read more online:

#DaintreeRainforest #FarNorthQueensland #PlantingTrees #RainforestGuardians #ProtectRainforests #Daintree #ConservationGoals #AncientRainforest #AustralianRainforest #LoveDaintree #Reforestation #Ecosystems #NorthQueensland #ProtectRainforestsForever #PartnershipsForProtection #TimeToGrow

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We’re restoring and protecting rainforests FOREVER, on a mission to deliver a tree-planting capacity of 150,000 trees a year 🌳🌳🌳.

Your support will help us do exactly that and make sure that the Daintree`s largest nursery thrives.

Read more details online: (link in bio).

#DaintreeRainforest #Rainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #PlantTrees #DaintreeNursery #NativeNursery #Daintree #DaintreeAppeal #Donate #ProtectDaintree

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2024 Annual Community Tree Planting Day sneak peek 👀

Sending out a massive THANK YOU to everyone who came along & got their hands dirty 🙏🌱💚🌳

Stay tuned for the official video from @martinstringerphotography - coming soon!

#PlantARainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #TheBestTimeIsNow #RR25 #RainforestRescueTurns25 #NightWingsRainforestCentre #ProtectRainforestsForever #Restoration #Daintree

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It`s International Day for Biological Diversity 🌱.

Biodiversity ensures the resilience of our planet 🌏. This is why the accelerating loss of biodiversity in all regions of the world is an urgent problem that impacts everyone and everything. It`s a big deal.

The tropical rainforest ecosystem is one of the most complex on earth, and is home to the rare and threatened species of life. This is why today (and every day!), we focus on restoring and protecting the biodiversity of the Daintree. And want to help raise awareness of the importance of this work!

Take a moment today to learn more about the Daintree and the work we`re doing to protect it forever (head over to our website): 👀.

📷: Martin Stringer

#Biodiversity #Ecosystems #Conservation #DaintreeRainforest #Rainforest #ProtectRainforest #Daintree #DaintreeWildlife #TreesAreTheAnswer #LoveDaintree #InternationalDayforBiologicalDiversity @unbiodiversity #BuildBackBiodiversity #BiodiversityDay #BiodiversityMatters

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#CritterCorner: Did you know that Spectacled Flying-foxes (Pteropus conspicillatus) are part of the Megabat family and don’t use sonar or echolocation, instead depending on vision and excellent sense of smell 🦇.

They are very vocal, having between 20 and 40 different vocalisations (more than any other mammal except some primates). All social interactions usually involve some vocal communication, for example, a brief squabble over roosting space (“You’re in my way!”, or “Leave me alone!”) - listen in 👂.

If you want to learn what some of their vocalisations mean check out the YouTube video "No me, no tree" by Tim Pearson.

Learn more about Spectacled Flying-foxes on our website:

To learn more about FNQ`s flying-foxes, check out @flyingfoxesfnq

🎤: Songs of Disappearance (YouTube)

#SpectacledFlyingFoxes #DaintreeBats #Bats #RainforestBats #RainforestFlyingFoxes #DaintreeRainforest #AncientRainforest #FNQ #ProtectRainforest

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It`s National Volunteer Week 💚.

What an opportunity to highlight the important role of everyone who volunteered with Rainforest Rescue and in our community. Your work means a lot to us!

And we want to invite people not currently volunteering to give it a go: - it can be such a rewarding experience with a meaningful and tangible impacts.

#Volunteers #Volunteering #ProtectRainforest #Daintree #DaintreeRainforest #NationalVolunteerWeek #CommunityWork @volunteeringaustralia

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If we are going to help mitigate climate change and restore more rainforest, then we need to plant more trees. To plant more trees… we must produce more trees 🌱🌳🌳.

Thanks to your incredible support, we are increasing tree production in the Daintree for restoration by over 1000%, breathing life into new restoration projects that will see the size of the Daintree increase and its resilience grow.

Our new native nursery will ultimately produce 150,000 trees per year - ready for the replanting of almost 25 hectares of rainforest habitat every year! And we`re very excited about it.

Check out all the significant nursery milestones to date: (link in bio).

#DaintreeRainforest #FarNorthQueensland #EasternKukuYalanji #RainforestGuardians #ProtectRainforests #Daintree #ConservationGoals #AncientRainforest #AustralianRainforest #LoveDaintree #NativeNursery #GrowingTrees #NativeTrees #AustralianTrees #GrowTrees #ClimateChange

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📣 Important information re: the 2024 Annual Community Tree Planting 📣


What to bring:

🌱 A water bottle (we will provide a water refill station)
🌳 Sturdy closed-toed boots/shoes (if it`s raining or has been wet we`d suggest gumboots or other waterproof boots)
🌱 Sun-safe attire e.g., hat & sunscreen and wet-weather gear e.g., gumboots & raincoat (we know this sounds odd, but the weather can be very unpredictable & it`s been unseasonably wet of late)
🌳 A willingness to get your hands dirty
🌱 Locals are encouraged to bring camping chairs or picnic rugs

If you haven`t already, please register for your free ticket at (🔗 in bio).

We`re looking forward to seeing you all, planting more trees & celebrating 25 years of Rainforest Rescue 💚.

#PlantARainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #RainforestRescueTurns25 #TreePlanting #PlantATree #DaintreeRainforest #RR25 #DaintreeRainforest

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Have you seen `Planet Fungi: Follow the Rain`? It`s an exciting new documentary that follows world famous fungi hunters Stephen Axford and Catherine Marciniak (@planet_fungi🍄) on their search for the weird and wonderful fungi that emerge and teach us why fungi are critical to life as we know it.

There are millions of species of fungus that scientists think could exist but have not yet been identified 🍄🍄🍄. This is why we need many more curious young minds and passionate nature lovers to continue understanding the fascinating word of fungi.

*Not a sponsored post.

#Fungi #Fungus #DaintreeRainforest #Documentary #LoveFungi #NatureDocumentary #ProtectRainforestsForever #PlantARainforest

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It`s International Day of Plant Health 2024: Plant health, safe trade and digital technology 🌿.

Plants are life – we depend on them for 80% of the food we eat and 98% of the oxygen we breathe (@fao). Protecting plant health is essential to biodiversity and the wellbeing of everyone on the planet.

Today (and every day!), we want to help raise awareness of how protecting plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect biodiversity and the environment, and boost economic development.

Take a moment today to learn more about our new native nursery: and 🌱🌱🌱.

📷: Callicarpa candicans by Allen Sheather

#Daintree #DaintreeRainforest #DaintreePlants #DaintreeTrees #PlantHealth #DayOfPlantHealth @fao

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Your support makes a HUGE difference, helping the biggest Daintree`s nursery thrive 🌱🌳🌳.

To reach our goal of planting 150,000 trees per year, we need you to join us: (link in bio) 💚.

#DaintreeRainforest #Rainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #PlantTrees #DaintreeNursery #NativeNursery #Daintree #DaintreeAppeal #Donate #ProtectDaintree

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If you ever feel like you are alone or the challenge is too big, join forces with others who are also passionate and committed, and doing a great job protecting the rainforest.

Hold your own Forest Fundraiser and help Protect Rainforests FOREVER: (link in bio) 💚.

Become a Rainforest Guardian today: (link in bio)💚.

Shop Rainforest Rescue mech: (link in bio) 💚.

And MORE! There are so many great ways to make a difference.

Your ongoing support allows us to purchase and protect rainforest to preserve biodiversity, and restore essential habitat for our native wildlife. Thank you!

#AustralianRainforest #PlantTrees #DaintreeRainforest #RainforestGuardian #LoveTrees #RainforestGuardian #ForestFundraiser #Conservation #Environment #TreesAreTheAnswer #Daintree #DaintreeNationalPark #PlantTrees #MoreTrees #Donate #SupportNotForProfits #AncientRainforest

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