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Rainforest Rescue is an Australian Company Limited by Guarantee, managed by a Board of Directors who contribute their service on a voluntary basis. Learn more about our Directors below.

RR Board of Directors - Madeleine Faught

Madeleine Faught (MSocSc) | Chair, Director

Madeleine is a skilled social scientist and educator with a long history of securing enhanced outcomes in community, cultural, and environmental spheres. She has a professional arts background, has been an environmental campaigner, a community leader and promoter of community cohesion. She works in environmental consulting with a focus on linking social and ecological systems to improve conservation outcomes.

Madeleine has a management history in both institutional and project management within the Education, Environment and Arts sectors. With her partner Dr Robert Kooyman, she has been actively involved in rainforest conservation and native vegetation advocacy for over thirty-five years.

“A greater number of people worldwide are witnessing first hand, or are aware of, our challenged natural environments. Their active solution is positive change through hands on projects or supporting these projects. We are the earth’s guardians and are intrinsically connected to its well being. We can protect the future!”

– Madeleine Faught

RR Board of Directors - Branden Barber

Branden Barber (BA, MFIA) | Secretary, Director, CEO

Branden Barber is a lifelong environmentalist. With a degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz, he cut his teeth with Greenpeace International on the Rainbow Warrior and MV Greenpeace, and then ran the Victorian State Office for Greenpeace Australia in the 1990s.

Over the last 25 years he has worked in both the social profit and for-profit sectors, from start-ups to S&P 500 companies to NGO’s, large and small. In the last decade, Branden has been involved with various environmental organisations as staff or as a consultant, served on the Leadership Teams at both Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch, and has sat on several boards – always with a focus on the environment. He’s passionate about rainforests, is ardently committed to the natural world, stands for environmental justice and the rights of indigenous peoples for sovereignty and self-determination, and brings a wealth and breadth of experience to Rainforest Rescue as our CEO.

RR Board of Directors - Revel Pointon

Revel Pointon | Director

Working as an environmental lawyer for over 10 years assisting, partnering with, and volunteering on the boards of myriad conservation and science-focused not-for-profits, Revel is a passionate advocate for environmental protection, and is dedicated to helping Rainforest Rescue thrive in its purpose of protecting and growing our precious rainforest areas. Supporting First Nations justice is also a key driver for Revel, which she brings to her role on the Board.

Revel has a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Environmental Management from the University of Queensland, a Masters in Culture and Development Studies from KU Leuven, Belgium, and a Graduate Certificate in Policy and Governance from the Queensland University of Technology. Revel also has a keen interest in education, working as a sustainability educator in Mexico, and tutoring and lecturing in various areas of law. Revel was the recipient of the 2017-2018 Mahla Pearlman Australian Young Environmental Lawyer of the Year award.

RR Board of Directors - Karl Tischler

Karl Tischler | Director

Karl is an experienced designer, storyteller, and presenter.

He is also the Founder and Managing Director of Marlin Communications—Australia’s largest agency serving the for-purpose sector—and the instigator of the company’s focus on ethical and sustainable business practices.

Karl is a passionate activist and alumni of the Australian Progress Fellowship, and he believes that organisations like Rainforest Rescue—and the for-purpose sector more generally—warrant and deserve the best of his efforts. His sole purpose is to ensure that his agency delivers the most effective creative to the most deserving sector, and it is this combination of enthusiasm, dedication and resolve that he wishes to bring to Rainforest Rescue.

RR Board of Directors - Angela Whitbread

Angela Whitbread | Director

Angela is a social impact investor, philanthropist, and a former Managing Director and Chair of her family business, The Whitbread Insurance Group, which was sold in December 2017. Since retiring from corporate life, she has turned her attention toward supporting charitable organisations focused on leadership, empowerment of women, and environmental issues. In the environmental space, Angela is an active member of the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN), a founding funder of the newly created Biodiversity Council through the University of Melbourne, and an advocate for the Sugi Project, which supports the planting of Miyawaki forests around the world. Angela is currently undertaking her Master of Arts focused on Ecopsychology through the Viridis Institute in the USA.

RR Board of Directors - Rachel White

Rachel White B (Bus), CA | Director

As a recognised CFO working in solar and hydrogen technology deployment & executive leader in the commercial sector, Rachel brings a combination of strategic thinking, relationship building, financial stewardship, leadership, and operational effectiveness to Rainforest Rescue, built on a solid foundation of governance skills & ethos. Rachel is passionate about rainforest preservation and is excited to be applying skills acquired in the commercial sector to the preservation of the Daintree.

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