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Your shutter might only be open for a moment but your pictures could help Protect Rainforests Forever.

2023 Canopy Awards

Keep your eyes on this page over the coming weeks, make sure you follow us on Facebook, and/or sign up for our eNews mailing list to be kept in the loop… the 2023 Canopy Awards are coming soon.

About the Canopy Awards

The Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards creates a platform to promote the beauty and fragility of the rainforests and their unique ecology and biodiversity. Inviting photographers to contribute their perspectives provides a richer tapestry upon which to focus our intentions for both the Daintree’s forever protection, as well as the protection of rainforests and rainforest creatures all over the world.
Join us to support these Awards, and reach more people who care about the long-term future of these most precious ecosystems. It’s our Nature to protect, after all.

Enter ANY photo, of ANY rainforest, taken at ANY time.

2023 Canopy Awards - Rainforest Rescue


“To enhance and promote the art of rainforest photography, and to help raise awareness about the nature and culture of rainforest habitats, and to encourage their protection”

Photographers from around the globe are invited to contribute their unique interpretations and creative perspectives on the world’s rainforests.

Benefits of Entry:

  • Every Entry Protects 1 square meter of Rainforest Forever
  • Great Prizes: Grand Prize, Category Winners, and the People’s Choice Vote
  • Chance to feature on your own Biopak Art Series Cup
  • Junior and Open Classes
  • Review of every entry and feedback via Report Card

Sign up to the Canopy Awards mailing list to receive the latest updates direct to your inbox (look for the pop-up in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen). Can’t see it? Send us an email.

Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards

Grand Prize


Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards



Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards

People’s Choice


Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards

Entry Details


2022 Awards Proudly Supported By

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Canopy Awards Sponsor - Patagonia
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Helping Make the 2022 Canopy Awards Possible

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Naurita Briscoe
People’s Choice Logo Illustration

Canopy Awards Sponsor - Blue Frog Marketing

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Marketing and Communications Strategy

Teghan Collingwood Arts

Teghan Collingwood
Canopy Awards Logo Illustrations

Keen to learn about sponsorship or partnership opportunities for the 2023 Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards?
Get in touch with our Partnerships Director, Kristin, to lodge your expression of interest. 


#ForestFlora: Blue Quandong (Elaeocarpus grandis) is one of Australia’s fastest growing rainforest species, especially following disturbances. In its native tropical environment, it can grow up to 35m high. 🌳💙. That's a big tree!

The Blue Quandong is an important tree in natural rainforest succession because its canopy is quite open and it allows some light through to the shorter understory. It also grows blue fruits that expand to about 3cm in diameter when ripe. These blue fruits are enjoyed by Musky Rat-Kangaroos, Spectacled Flying-foxes, and many species of birds, including Southern Cassowaries. Among indigenous people, Blue Quandongs are also valued for their medicinal properties.

📷: D&H Seed Harvest Co

#BlueQuandong #DaintreePlants #RainforestPlants #DaintreeRainforest #AustralianTrees #DaintreeTrees #WetTropics #AustralianRainforest #DaintreeRainforest #Conservation #LoveTrees #RainforestJourney @daintreediscovery @destinationdaintree @portdouglas #AustralianForest @qldparks @destinationdaintree @portdouglasdaintree #RainforestAlliance #AustralianNature

25 1

It's Earth Hour this Saturday (25 March 2023) at 8:30pm (local time) 🌏.

As the sun drops down below the horizon, we're asking all Australians to switch off and join a worldwide community of millions taking #TimeOutForNature -> register at (head to @earthhourofficial or send us a message) for a chance to win a luxury holiday for two courtesy of @earthhour_australia, @WWF_Australia, and @taswalkingco 👐 .

Join us and take a moment on 25 March - whether it’s 60 seconds, 60 minutes, or beyond the hour - to reflect on the incredible benefits nature provides us and create a better future for people and the planet.

📷: @MartinStringerPhotography

#EarthHour #DaintreeRainforest #ProtectNature @earthhourofficial #ConservationGoals #EarthHour2023 #ProtectDaintreeRainforest #AustralianRainforest #ProtectDaintree #AustralianNature #Nature #AustralianWildlife #ClimateChange

41 0

Our next Tree Planting is on 15 April, and you are invited 🌳🌳🌳. 

Grab your gardening gloves, water bottle (we will provide a water refill station), sturdy boots, sun-safe attire, and eagerness to get your hands dirty, and meet us at Tranquility on the Daintree 893 Upper Daintree Rd, Upper Daintree, Qld at 8am SHARP.

Let's restore our rainforest and enjoy a wholesome morning outdoors 🌳🌳🌳.

Register online - link in bio (or send us a message) 💚.

 #PlantingTrees #TreePlantingDays #LoveTrees #PlantARainforest #DaintreeRainforest #AustralianRainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #PlantATree #ProtectRainforestsForever #LoveTrees #TreesOfInstagram #PlantTrees #MoreTrees @cafnec @terrainnrm @wettropicsworldheritage @cairnsairport @cairnstourism @portdouglasuncovered @destinationdaintree #LoveDaintree #LoveRainforest #TreePlantingDay #AustralianRainforest #TreesTreesTrees

24 0

It’s International Day of Forests, and the theme for 2023 is “Forests and health” 💚.

The Daintree Rainforest is the oldest continuously evolving tropical rainforest in the world and it contains an almost complete record of the evolution of plant life on Earth. This precious and unique rainforest is home to 30% of Australia’s frog, reptile, and marsupial species, 65% of Australia’s bat and butterfly species as well as 18% of all bird species. Not to mention the 12,000 insect species!

The Daintree Rainforest is a lifeline for our wilderness and humanity.

Together with our #PartnersForProtection, Conservation Partners, #RainforestGuardians, and #RainforestRescuers, we have protected hundreds of thousands of square metres of Daintree Rainforest and planted as many trees to repair damaged lowland rainforest 🌳🌳🌳.

Today, we want to celebrate International Day of Forests by sharing with you WHY some of our business partners choose to make protecting rainforests part of their business.

We are very grateful to all our supporters; we couldn’t do it without you 💚.

Special shout out to the partners featured in this video - @biopak.packaging , @ambius_australia , and @wildlifesydneyzoo / @wildlifeconservationfund 💚.

Take a moment today to learn more about the Daintree Rainforest by visiting our website: 💚.

#InternationalDayOfForests #ProtectRainforest #DaintreeRainforest

20 0

Have you seen the 'Myrtle Rust – The Silent Killer' by Australian Network For Plant Conservation 🌿📺?

This shocking and important short film is telling the story of hundreds of Australian species in the Myrtaceae family that are susceptible to and dying from Myrtle Rust, including bottlebrushes, eucalyptus and tea trees, with 16 species set to become extinct within a generation. Myrtle Rust (Austropuccinia psidii) is attacking seedlings, saplings and established trees along the coast of New South Wales and Queensland. 

Watch the film to learn about the efforts to bring species back from the brink of extinction and the value of protecting our unique ecosystems from biosecurity threats.

Watch the full film on YouTube.

#ConservationWork #ProtectTrees #ProtectRainforest #DaintreeRainforest #MyrtleRust #DaintreeEcosystems #LOveNature #BioSecurity #QueenslandNature

24 0

#CritterCorner: Cassowaries swallow their food (fruits) whole, digesting the pulp and passing the seeds unharmed in large piles of dung, distributing them over large areas throughout the rainforest. And more trees grow 🌳🌳🌳. This is why they're known as #RainforestGardeners

Have you ever caught the sight of a Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) eating?

📷: @kathwilliams_

#SouthernCassowary #Cassowary #Birds #DaintreeRainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #AustralianRainforest #LoveBirds #ProtectCassowary @birdlifeoz #BirdsOfAustralia #DaintreeRainforest @birdsofaustralia @birdsinbackyards @birdsofoz_ #Rainforest #DinosaurBirds #BirdsOfInstagram #LoveCassowary #BirdsOfAustralia #Nature #AustralianWildlife #Daintree #DaintreeBirds #DaintreeWildlife

58 2

The Daintree is home to 65% of the country’s bat (and butterfly 🦋) species 🦇🦇🦇.

The Spectacled Flying Fox is an essential part of the rainforest’s web of life. The greatest threats to these rainforest pollinators and gardeners are loss of habitat, paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus), domestic animals, and of course, climate change.

Recent extreme temperatures in Far North Queensland resulted in significant numbers of these megabats succumbing to the heat.

We're proud to partner with NightWings Rainforest & Bat Rehabilitation Centre @nightwings.centre. Together we are transforming a legacy cane plantation into bat-friendly habitat - we're #PlantingARainforest

Help us protect habitat for our wildlife - become a Rainforest Guardian today - link in bio 🔗☝️ .

Read the full news article, 'Critter Corner: Spectacled Flying Fox', on our website 🔗☝️.

📷: Justin A Welbergen

#FlyingFoxes #DaintreeBats #Bats #LoveBats #RainforestGuardian #ProtectRainforest #Batsofinstagram @australasianbatsociety @daintreediscovery @destinationdaintree @portdouglas #AustralianRainforest @qldparks @destinationdaintree @portdouglasdaintree @portdouglasuncovered @cairnstourism @cairnsaustralia #DaintreeAnimals #Queensland @nationalparksaustralia #CapeTribulation #LoveNature #ProtectDaintree #EcoSystems #DaintreeAnimals #RainforestWildlife #AncientRainforest #DaintreeButterflies #Butterfly #BatRehabilitation

49 0

Have you heard of the #NextGenRainforestRescuers?

They're a community of young conservation troopers that have been fundraising, planting trees, making documentaries, educating themselves and their peers, and helping create change in many diverse, impactful, and creative ways 💚.

Help us create a better future for all young people by becoming a Rainforest Guardian today - link in bio 🔗☝️ .

Or, if you know a #NextGenRainforestRescuer that you'd like to see featured, DM us here 💬 or email 💌.

📷: @MartinStringerPhotography

#AustralianRainforest #PlantTrees #DaintreeRainforest #RainforestGuardian #YoungPeople #Youth #LoveTrees #RainforestJourney @daintreediscovery @destinationdaintree @portdouglas #AustralianRainforest @qldparks @destinationdaintree @portdouglasdaintree @portdouglasuncovered @cairnstourism @cairnsaustralia #Conservation #Environment #TreesAreTheAnswer #Daintree #DaintreeNationalPark #PlantTrees #MoreTrees #Donate #SupportNotForProfits

27 1

Our Annual Tree Planting is going ahead on Saturday 6 May 2023 🌳🌳🌳.


Grab your favorite gloves, water bottle, sturdy boots, sun-safe attire, and eagerness to get your hands dirty, and meet us at NightWings Rainforest Centre (2125 Mossman Daintree Road, Wonga, Qld). Together, we’ll head over to the New Native Nursery (1498 Cape Tribulation Rd, Cow Bay QLD 4873).

We'll provide seedlings, pre-dug holes, light lunch at the New Native Nursery, two great locations, and our friendly team, amongst other things. 

Let's restore our rainforest and enjoy a wholesome day outdoors.

Register online - link in bio (or send us a message) 💚.

#PlantingTrees #TreePlantingDays #LoveTrees #PlantARainforest #DaintreeRainforest #AustralianRainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #PlantATree #ProtectRainforestsForever #LoveTrees #TreesOfInstagram #PlantTrees #MoreTrees @cafnec @terrainnrm @wettropicsworldheritage @cairnsairport @cairnstourism @portdouglasuncovered @destinationdaintree #LoveDaintree #LoveRainforest #TreePlantingDay

23 3

Today is World Wildlife Day 💚.

Today (and every day!) we want to celebrate and protect Australia’s native animals and their ecosystems.

Although Boyd's Forest Dragons (Lophosaurus boydii) don't breathe fire, they are very special rainforest dwellers and living dinosaurs, a Jurassic relictual species. Known as Jalbil, those dragons' only method of thermoregulation is through ambiance, always conforming to the temperature of the occupying vegetation. This is why it's very important to protect the Daintree with myriads of habitats that our wildlife relies on.

Take a moment today to learn more about the wildlife in your area.

Consider becoming a Rainforest Guardian today 🔗☝️.

📷: @adventures_by_matt

#WorldWildlifeDay #Wildlife #Nature #AustralianRainforest #BoydsForestDragons #Jurassic #australianwildlife #australianwildlifephotography #boydsforestdragon #boydsforestdragons #dragon #dragons #dragonsofinstagram #reptile #reptiles #reptilephotography #lizardsofinstagtam #dragon #dragons #reptileofig #forestdragon #forestdragonlizard #forestdragons #lizard #rainforestlizards #daintree #farnorthqueensland

49 0

The increase in native rainforest seedling production is key to being able to restore large properties.

The new native nursery will increase our tree planting capacity to over 150,000 trees per year; this is critical in furthering our partnership with local Traditional Owners as well as our numerous conservation partners, and, it's our duty as a community, to restore and protect the Daintree 💚.

It’s wonderful to see what we are achieving together... for the Rainforests 🌳🌳🌳.

Read more about the new nursery online - link in bio (or send us a message) 💚.

Become a Rainforest Guardian today - link in bio (or send us a message) 💚.

#AustralianRainforest #PlantTrees #DaintreeRainforest #Volunteers #LoveTrees #RainforestJourney @daintreediscovery @destinationdaintree @portdouglas #australianforest @qldparks @destinationdaintree @portdouglasdaintree @portdouglasuncovered @cairnstourism @cairnsaustralia #conservation #environment #TreesAreTheAnswer #Daintree #DaintreeNationalPark #PlantTrees #MoreTrees

41 0

Last year, we added 11 Nature Refuges to our portfolio of protection, which brings our total of protected forever nature refuges in the Daintree to 31 properties 🌳🌳🌳.

All of these refuges will be part of the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor and will increase the size of the Milky Pine Refuge, now comprising 14 properties that are all protected as nature refuges. These are self-perpetuating ecosystems working collaboratively from under the ground with the mycorrhizal fungal networks, through the leaf litter and ground level, through to the various heights of the different species, ultimately all through the ecosystem up to its closed canopy.

Creating nature refuges is key to our ability to deliver on our promise, that purchased properties are protected FOREVER.

Read more online - link in bio (or send us a message) 💚.

Consider becoming a Rainforest Guardian today - link in bio (or send us a message) 💚.

#NatureRefuge #DaintreeRainforest #ProtectRainforest #CapeKimberleyWildlifeCorridor #AustralianRainforest #AustralianNature #nature #australianwildlife #climatechange #rainforestrestoration #rainforestprotection #conservation #conservationgoals #daintree #daintreenationalpark @sbsnews_au @australiangeographic @abcaustralia @9newsqueensland @qldmuseum @qldparks @ausconservation #protectdaintreerainforest

47 5

Being a Rainforest Guardian is a commitment to Protecting Rainforests Forever, alongside a community of people who care about the precious ecosystems within the Daintree, and their impact on Australia (and the world!).

Here, at Rainforest Rescue we take your commitment seriously, as it powers our work - the ongoing restoration and protection of the world’s most ancient rainforest.

Don't delay: become a Rainforest Guardian today - link in bio (or send us a message) 💚.

#Rainforest Guardian #AustralianRainforest #PlantTrees #DaintreeRainforest #lovetrees #rainforestjourney @daintreediscovery @destinationdaintree @portdouglas #australianforest @qldparks @destinationdaintree @portdouglasdaintree @portdouglasuncovered @cairnstourism @cairnsaustralia #Conservation #Environment #TreesAreTheAnswer #Daintree #DaintreeNationalPark #PlantTrees #MoreTrees #LoveNature #Community

36 2

It's time to GROW 🌳🌳🌳.

We are very excited about 2023, because we're building the Daintree’s largest native nursery that will ultimately produce 150,000 trees per year - this will provide for the replanting of almost 25 hectares of rainforest habitat every year 🌳🌳🌳.

Head online to check out the recent and most significant building updates online - link in bio (or send us a message) 💚.

#NativeDaintreeNursery #DaintreeRainforest #LoveTrees #PlantTrees #TreeNursery #AustralianRainforest #ProtectDaintree #AustralianNature #Nature #AustralianWildlife #ClimateChange #RainforestRestoration #RainforestProtection #Conservation #ConservationGoals #Daintree #DaintreeNationalPark @sbsnews_au @australiangeographic @abcaustralia @9newsqueensland @qldmuseum @qldparks @ausconservation #ProtectDaintreeRainforest

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