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Your shutter might only be open for a moment but your pictures could help Protect Rainforests Forever.

The Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards creates a platform to promote the beauty and fragility of the rainforests and their unique ecology and biodiversity.

Inviting photographers to contribute their perspectives provides a richer tapestry upon which to focus our intentions for both the Daintree’s forever protection, as well as the protection of rainforests and rainforest creatures all over the world. Join us to support these Awards, and reach more people who care about the long-term future of these most precious ecosystems. It’s our Nature to protect, after all.

The 2023 Canopy Awards are closed. To view the winners, click here.

Enter ANY photo, of ANY rainforest, taken at ANY time.


“To enhance and promote the art of rainforest photography, and to help raise awareness about the nature and culture of rainforest habitats, and to encourage their protection”

Photographers from around the globe are invited to contribute their unique interpretations and creative perspectives on the world’s rainforests.

Benefits of Entry:

  • Every Entry Protects 1 square meter of Rainforest Forever
  • Great Prizes: Grand Prize, Category Winners, and the People’s Choice Vote
  • Chance to feature on your own Biopak Art Series Cup
  • Review of every entry and feedback via Report Card

Sign up to the Canopy Awards mailing list to receive the latest updates direct to your inbox (look for the pop-up in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen). Can’t see it? Send us an email.

Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards

Grand Prize

Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards Categories Hidden Gems


Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards

People’s Choice

Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards

Entry Details

2023 Awards Proudly Supported By

Solar Whisper
Canopy Awards Sponsor - Will + Bear
Canopy Awards Sponsor - Wandering Folk
Canopy Awards Sponsor - F-Stop
Canopy Awards Promotional Partner - BioPak
Canopy Awards Promotional Partner - Cairns Airport
Canopy Awards Promotional Partner - Daintree Port Douglas Tourism
Peppermint Mag Canopy Awards Rainforest Rescue

Helping Make the 2023 Canopy Awards Possible

Teghan Collingwood Arts

Teghan Collingwood
Canopy Awards Logo Illustrations

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Naurita Briscoe
People’s Choice Logo Illustration

Keen to learn about sponsorship or partnership opportunities for the 2024 Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards?
Get in touch with our Partnerships Director, Kristin, to lodge your expression of interest. 

The Canopy Awards Archive

2023 Canopy Awards

Canopy Awards 2023 - Characters winning image from Roman Willi
Canopy Awards 2023 - Habitats winning image from Benjamin Maze
Canopy Awards 2023 - Best of the Wet Tropics winning image from Clay Hawker
Canopy Awards 2023 - Hidden Gems winning image from Judith Morgan
Canopy Awards 2023 - People's Choice winning image from Matt Cornish
Canopy Awards 2023 - Grand Prize winning image from Benjamin Maze

2022 Canopy Awards

2022 Canopy Awards Winners - Grand Prize
2022 Canopy Awards Winners - Characters
2022 Canopy Awards Winners - Habitats
2022 Canopy Awards Winners - Hidden Gems
2022 Canopy Awards Winners - Reportage
2022 Canopy Awards Winners - Best of the Wet Tropics
2022 Canopy Awards Winners - RR Staff Choice
2022 Canopy Awards Winners - People's Choice
2022 Canopy Awards BioCups
Canopy Awards


When you give generously, you become part of a committed team of individuals who collectively are helping to preserve some of the most biodiverse habitats and the species that live within them on this planet. Become a Rainforest Rescuer today!


Since European settlement, approximately half of the rainforest in the Lowlands of the Daintree has been cleared. The remaining rainforest is of exceptionally high biodiversity and conservation value 💚.

The Daintree Rainforest contains an almost complete record of the evolution of plant life on Earth and has more ancient families of flowering plants than anywhere else in the world, including the entire Amazon jungle. Many of the plant and animal species here are endemic to the region, meaning that they are found nowhere else on the planet. If we lose the Daintree we lose them all. We cannot let that happen.

We`re on a mission to protect and conserve rainforest biodiversity by purchasing high conservation value rainforest properties and protecting them forever by establishing conservation covenants.

Learn more online and consider becoming a Rainforest Guardian (link in bio).

📷: Emily Silverstone

#AustralianRainforest #PlantTrees #DaintreeRainforest #RainforestGuardian NorthQueensland #RainforestsOfAustralia @daintreediscovery @destinationdaintree @portdouglas #AustralianRainforest @qldparks @destinationdaintree @portdouglasdaintree @portdouglasuncovered @cairnstourism @cairnsaustralia @sbsnews_au @australiangeographic @abcaustralia @9newsqueensland @qldmuseum @qldparks @ausconservation #Conservation #Environment #TreesAreTheAnswer #Daintree #DaintreeNationalPark #PlantTrees #MoreTrees #Donate #SupportNotForProfits #ConservationGoals

42 3

Restoration practitioners have recognised Eastern Kuku Yalanji peoples’ cultural knowledge and enduring stewardship of Bubu (Country) in an historic meeting held north of the Daintree River, the Daintree Field Day 💚.

Over two days, five restoration groups attended the event in June, co-hosted by two of our #ConservationPartners @_jabalbina_ and @wettropicsworldheritage.

During the Daintree Field Day, Rainforest Rescue shared stories and knowledge from the building of its new Native Nursery on the old airstrip at Cow Bay, and the restoration progress at Kurranji Bubu (Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Road), which is now a Nature Refuge.

Read more on our website.

#DaintreeFieldDay #Daintree #AustralianRainforest #DaintreeRainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #Daintree #DaintreeNationalPark #PlantTrees #MoreTrees #LoveNature #Community #DaintreeForest #AustralianAnimals #DaintreeAnimals #Queensland @nationalparksaustralia #CapeTribulation #LoveNature #ProtectDaintree #EcoSystems #FarNorthQueensland #KukuYalanji #DaintreeRiver

40 0

#ForestFlora: The Scrub Breadfruit (Benstonea monticola) is a known and useful plant to the local Aboriginal people, who eat the nutritious fruit, and weave baskets with the beautiful leaves, which were also used for shelter before colonisation.

This plant is in the family Pandanaceae which is endemic to north east Queensland, Australia, favouring rainforest habitat. There are 14 species of Pandanus in Australia, with 9 of these in tropical Australia.

How many Pandanus species have you spotted in the Daintree?

📷: Issuu

#DaintreePlants #DaintreeRainforest #AustralianRainforest #LoveTrees #ProtectRainforest #AboiginalAustralia #plantsofinstagram #rainforest #daintree #LoveDaintree #BushTucker #AustralianPlants #conservation #TreesTreesTrees #DaintreeLife #ClimateChange #RainforestsOfAustralia #protectrainforests NorthQueensland #RainforestsOfAustralia #rainforestrescue #DaintreeNationalPark #ProtectDaintree #TreesAreTheAnswer #AustralianNativeTrees #AustralianNativeFlora #MoreTrees #FastFacts #QuickFacts #CapeTribulation

33 0

At the end of June, we put the call out to our Port Douglas & Mossman based #RainforestRescuers to #Vote1RainforestRescue.

Thanks to your support we received a $250 donation from the LiveLife Pharmacy Community Support program 🎉.

Sending out our gratitude to those who voted for us, to @livelifepd and to @livelifemossmanpharmacies 💚.

Head online to learn more about this initiative.

#ProtectDaintree #DaintreeBiodiversity #AustralianRainforest #FNQ

49 4

The Daintree Rainforest is the heart and soul of Australia’s Wet Tropics. However, the World Heritage Area does not extend to all of the Daintree with much of the coastal lowland tropical rainforest from the Daintree River to Cape Tribulation remaining unprotected. This is why we frequently post about the need to protect the Daintree 💚.

All of our conservation projects are supported by people like YOU. Together, we protect and conserve rainforest biodiversity by applying for Nature Refuge classification, which protects the precious flora and fauna by law, FOREVER.

Show your support - consider becoming a Rainforest Guardian today (send us a message if you have any questions).

#WetTropics #Daintree #AustralianRainforest #DaintreeRainforest #NatureRefuge #Conservation #RainforestGuardians #PartnersForProtection #LoveTrees @daintreediscovery @destinationdaintree @portdouglas #AustralianForest @qldparks @destinationdaintree @portdouglasdaintree @portdouglasuncovered @cairnstourism @cairnsaustralia #conservation #environment #TreesAreTheAnswer #Daintree #DaintreeNationalPark #AustralianWildlife @daintreediscovery @destinationdaintree @portdouglas #australianforest @qldparks @destinationdaintree @portdouglasdaintree @portdouglasuncovered @cairnstourism @cairnsaustralia

26 0

#CritterCorner: With long, wispy eyelashes and a vibrant blue face, Southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) is definitely one of the most striking birds in the Daintree 💙.

It`s also known as one of the most dangerous birds. Do you know why?

Its powerful legs, talons and dinosaur-like appearance instil fear in many. Indeed, picking a fight with this giant bird would be unwise and dangerous. However, cassowaries are not predators. Those powerful legs help them run fast through a dense rainforest. But they are not here to chase you (unless they feel threatened).

The Daintree is the Southern Cassowaries home. So when you enter it, be CASS-O-WARY - stay safe and enjoy this magical critter from a distance.

Learn more about cassowaries on our website (send us a message if you have any questions) 💚.

📷: Lucy McGrete (on Facebook)

#SouthernCassowary #Cassowary #Daintree #DaintreeWildlife #LoveBirds #ProtectCassowary @birdlifeoz #BirdsOfAustralia #DaintreeRainforest @birdsofaustralia @birdsinbackyards @birdsofoz_ #Rainforest #DinosaurBirds #BirdsOfInstagram #LoveCassowary #BirdsOfAustralia #Nature #AustralianWildlife #Daintree #DaintreeBirds #DaintreeWildlife

70 1

At Rainforest Rescue, we recognise the appalling state of forest degradation in our country. We recognise the importance of trees as the very fabric of the complex ecosystems that hold so much of Australia’s biodiversity. We also recognise that we have no time to waste.

Trees are the answer to our climate challenges – along with reduction in land clearing and curbing emissions. The science is loud and clear. 🌱💚🌳

Two of the simplest ways we can address the climate crisis is to STOP DEFORESTATION happening in the first place and then to actively RESTORE and REFOREST.

Sometimes it’s important to pull together and to speak with one voice for our concerns to be heard.

The @bobbrownfoundation has organised Nation Wide Forest Action from 10 - 19th August. Don`t get depressed, get active!

Add your voice to the Native Forest Declaration:

Find a rally near you:

#TreesAreTheAnswer #DefendTheGiants #ProtectNativeForests

43 0

Our next Tree Planting is on 19 August, and YOU are invited 🌳🌳🌳.

Grab your gardening gloves, water bottle (we will provide a water refill station), sturdy boots, sun-safe attire, and eagerness to get your hands dirty, and meet us at Tranquility on the Daintree 893 Upper Daintree Rd, Upper Daintree, Qld at 8am SHARP.

We’re so looking forward to putting trees back on the land with you 🌳🌳🌳.

This event is FREE. Tree planters of all ages are welcome. No experience is required.
The planting commences at 8am, so we finish before noon, when it gets too hot.

Register online - link in bio (or send us a message) 💚.

#PlantingTrees #TreePlantingDays #LoveTrees #PlantARainforest #DaintreeRainforest #AustralianRainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #PlantATree #ProtectRainforestsForever #LoveTrees #TreesOfInstagram #PlantTrees #MoreTrees @cafnec @terrainnrm @wettropicsworldheritage @cairnsairport @cairnstourism @portdouglasuncovered @destinationdaintree #LoveDaintree #LoveRainforest #TreePlantingDay #AustralianRainforest #TreesTreesTrees

31 0

Our #NextGenRainforestRescuers have been helping us restore and protect degraded rainforest in the Daintree, ensuring increased connectivity, preserved biodiversity, and protected rainforests FOREVER.

These young conservation troopers have been fundraising, planting trees, making documentaries, and helping create change in many diverse, impactful, and creative ways 💚.

Help us create a better future for all young people by becoming a Rainforest Guardian today - link in bio 🔗☝️ .

Or, if you know a #NextGenRainforestRescuer that you`d like to see featured, DM us here 💬 or email 💌.

📷: @MartinStringerPhotography

#AustralianRainforest #PlantTrees #DaintreeRainforest #RainforestGuardian #YoungPeople #Youth #LoveTrees #RainforestJourney @daintreediscovery @destinationdaintree @portdouglas #AustralianRainforest @qldparks @destinationdaintree @portdouglasdaintree @portdouglasuncovered @cairnstourism @cairnsaustralia #Conservation #Environment #TreesAreTheAnswer #Daintree #DaintreeNationalPark #PlantTrees #MoreTrees #Donate #SupportNotForProfits

14 0

#CritterCorner: Known as Jalbil, ‘Boyd’s Forest Dragon (Hypsilurus boydii) is a living dinosaur that does not bask in the sun, instead letting its body temperature fluctuate with air temperature (thermoconforming rather than thermoregulating) 🦎💚.

The one possible exception to this general rule is pregnant females, which are often observed sitting on or beside forest roads and exhibit elevated body temperatures.

Keep your eyes on the tree trunks when hiking through the Daintree, as this dragon can be found about head height up a tree. When approached, they will move slowly to the other side of the tree trunk with a minimal amount of movement to avoid detection (a very impressive slow-mo effect).

📷: @daintreediscovery

#BoydsForestDragon #ForestDragon #AustralianReptile #DaintreeWildlife #DaintreeRainforest #FarNorthQueensland #FNQ #Reptiles #DaintreeReptile #Jalbil #ProtectDaintree #EcoSystems #LoveRainforests #DragonsOfTheDaintree #LizardsOfInstagram

38 0

Today is the last day of our #2023CanopyAwards winners announcements. To wrap it up, we’d like to welcome Branden, our CEO, to announce the winner of the Grand Prize! 🏆

The Canopy Awards are the perfect way to illustrate how truly magnificent and utterly magical rainforests can be, and to celebrate their unique ecology and biodiversity. Your shutter might only be open for a moment but your pictures could help Protect Rainforests Forever. 📸💚

With thanks to our 2023 Ambassadors and Sponsors: @darrenjew @pxlexplorer @daintree_secrets @mossmangorge @solar_whisper @willandbear @fstopgear @wanderingfolk @sunglassfix @thescenicroute_studio @biopak.packaging #YaffaMedia @cairnsairport @portdouglasdaintree #TropicalTourismNorthQueensland @peppermintmagazine @teghan.collingwood_arts @walbulwalbulart 🙏💚

#AndTheWinnerIs #RainforestAlliance #NaturePhotography #ProtectRainforestsForever #ProtectNature #LoveTravel #LoveNature #LoveNaturePhotography #CanopyAwards #RainforestRescueCanopyAwards #DaintreeNationalPark #DaintreeRainforest #RainforestPlants #RainforestAnimals #PhotoOfTheDay #PhotographyAwards

39 7

Today is the last day of our #2023CanopyAwards winners announcements. First up, we have MaryBeth, HQ & Social Media Manager, to announce the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

This category tallies up all the votes from our social media, providing a different point of view from the professional judges’ opinions. For Rainforest Rescue, this allows us to understand how you see rainforests and their unique inhabitants.

With thanks to our 2023 Ambassadors and Sponsors: @darrenjew @pxlexplorer @daintree_secrets @mossmangorge @solar_whisper @willandbear @fstopgear @wanderingfolk @sunglassfix @thescenicroute_studio @biopak.packaging #YaffaMedia @cairnsairport @portdouglasdaintree #TropicalTourismNorthQueensland @peppermintmagazine @teghan.collingwood_arts @walbulwalbulart 🙏💚

#AndTheWinnerIs #RainforestAlliance #NaturePhotography #ProtectRainforestsForever #ProtectNature #LoveTravel #LoveNature #LoveNaturePhotography #CanopyAwards #RainforestRescueCanopyAwards #DaintreeNationalPark #DaintreeRainforest #RainforestPlants #RainforestAnimals #PhotoOfTheDay #PhotographyAwards

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