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Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards Meet the Judges

“Your shutter might only be open for a few seconds but your pictures could help Protect Rainforests Forever.”

The Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards creates a platform to promote the beauty and fragility of the rainforests and their unique ecology and biodiversity. Inviting photographers to contribute their perspectives provides a richer tapestry upon which to focus our intentions for both the Daintree’s forever protection, as well as the protection of rainforests and rainforest creatures all over the world. Join us to support these Awards, and reach more people who care about the long-term future of these most precious ecosystems. It’s our Nature to protect, after all.

2022 Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards Judges

Madeleine Faught - Canopy Awards Judge

MADELEINE FAUGHT (MSOCSC) Rainforest Rescue Chair and Director

Madeleine is a skilled social scientist and educator with a long history of securing enhanced outcomes in community, cultural, and environmental spheres. She has a professional arts background, has been an environmental campaigner, a community leader, and promoter of community cohesion. She works in environmental consulting with a focus on linking social and ecological systems to improve conservation outcomes.

Madeleine has a management history in both institutional and project management within the Education, Environment, and Arts sectors. With her partner Dr. Robert Kooyman, she has been actively involved in rainforest conservation and native vegetation advocacy for over thirty-five years.

Dr. Robert Kooyman

DR. ROBERT KOOYMAN Rainforest Rescue Scientific Advisor

Dr. Robert Kooyman has been involved with protected areas and conservation management for over 40 years. His current research focus is on the evolutionary ecology, botany, and paleo-botany of the Gondwanan, Australian, and Southeast Asian rainforests. He continues to be involved in large-scale rainforest restoration in Australia, and Madagascar and has undertaken studies of the rate and direction of recovery from disturbance of rainforest types around the world.

He has participated in collaborative global studies of rainforest species distributions, forest dynamics, and ecology, and has published extensively in high-impact scientific journals.

Dr. Robert is a Research Fellow with Macquarie University, and an Honorary Research Associate with the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, and Missouri Botanical Garden (USA). To learn more, visit

Steve Parish - Canopy Awards Judge

STEVE PARISH (OAM) Photographer, Author & Publisher

Steve has been photographing Australia on land, from the air, and underwater for over 56 years. He is a passionate photographer, naturalist, author, educator, public speaker, and publisher, connecting people, especially children, to nature, through his expressive, inspirational, life-enhancing images of Australia’s unique wildlife, flora, and landscapes.

He is a champion of protecting wildlife and the natural environment and promoting the natural history of Australian ecosystems. During the last 50 years, the public has connected with Steve’s work through more than 2500 publications and public speaking events across Australia.

Steve’s ability to interpret complex stories into meaningful imagery is one of his hallmarks. This ability with the camera, along with his deep personal connections with nature, put him in the perfect position to be part of the team searching for the winning images in the 2022 Canopy Awards.

Visit Steve’s website for more information, or connect with him on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Wayne Quilliam - Canopy Awards Judge

WAYNE QUILLIAM A.Professor and Photographer

A.Professor Wayne Quilliam is one of Australia’s most respected and sought-after Aboriginal artists. With more than 250 International exhibitions, his work transcends the visual realm of contemporary storytelling as he shares the world’s oldest living culture through spiritualised photography.

With more than 30 years experience working in rural, remote and urban communities throughout Australia and Internationally his understanding of cultural protocols is unparalleled, his commitment to the positive promotion of his people unwavering.

His position as an A.Professor at RMIT allows him to influence future generations in the diversity of Aboriginal Australia whilst his international workshops and lectures with Indigenous people throughout the world are shaping future partnerships.

Wayne’s most recent book, “Culture is Life” is a modern, photographic celebration of the diversity of Indigenous Australians.

Visit Wayne’s website for more information, or connect with him on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Juergen & Stella Freund

JUERGEN FREUND Senior Fellow, International League of Conservation Photographers & STELLA FREUND Photo Story Producer and Documentary Filmmaker

Juergen’s aim as a wildlife photographer is to shoot pictures that tell stories that matter. A mechanical engineer by training, he started his career as an industrial photographer in Germany, acquired an underwater camera, went scuba-diving in the alpine lakes, and then discovered the marine environment. Since 1982, he has done underwater and nature photography, making much of his own equipment to suit his needs. Juergen’s work, on land and underwater, has been widely published all over the world. He has had solo exhibitions and has been a prize-winner in international competitions, including the British Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year (a competition which he has subsequently judged).

Stella is a photo story producer and documentary filmmaker with a long list of books and films to her credit. She is the producer who works behind the scenes and lines the shots for Juergen in all their photography work. On an epic assignment for the World Wide Fund for Nature, Juergen and Stella embarked on a milestone photographic expedition traveling non-stop for 18-months through six Asia-Pacific countries of the Coral Triangle. They photographed nature, wildlife, and the many people living in the world’s most bio-diverse ecosystems. Their visually rich voyage culminated in a hefty tome “The Coral Triangle”, produced and written by Stella, published by the Asian Development Bank and WWF.

Visit their website for more information, or connect with them on Instagram and/or Facebook.



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