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Plant a Rainforest - Rainforest Rescue

Plant a Rainforest

Every single SECOND an area of Rainforest the size of two football fields is destroyed, with devastating consequences for creatures, plants, the environment and us humans that depend upon it.

Rainforest Rescue’s Plant a Rainforest project replants previously cleared areas of rainforest and establishes habitat for the plants and animals endemic to that specific ecosystem. This protects the precious biodiversity including thousands of wildlife species.

Rainforest biodiversity maintains the atmosphere upon which all of humanity and all animal life depends, as well as generating rainfall and regulating our climate. Rainforests also provide potential new medicines to benefit humankind.

Our Native Seed Nursery in the Daintree propagates and grows all the rainforest trees for our Daintree lowland revegetation projects and our Plant a Rainforest Project. Seeds are collected from the Daintree Lowland Rainforest between the Daintree River and Cape Tribulation and the trees are replanted in the same area.

Your support of our Plant a Rainforest projects makes a huge difference to the survival of thousands of species of flora & fauna inhabiting thousands of hectares of Rainforest.

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Plant a Rainforest


When you give generously, you become part of a committed team of individuals who collectively are helping to preserve some of the most biodiverse habitats and the species that live within them on this planet. Become a Rainforest Guardian today!

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