Become a Rainforest Guardian

“From Little Things Big Things Grow”

At Rainforest Rescue we understand the value of planting seeds, knowing that those “little things” produce powerful conservation results that will last long after we’re gone. We believe that trees are the answer and we know that together, we can achieve so much more.

Our Native Rainforest Nursery in the Daintree produces over 12,000 Daintree-propagated trees and plants every year, all grown from the tiniest of seeds, and we put them back into the ground so they can grow … And grow they do!

In fact, Rainforest Rescue has planted over 290,000 trees in Australian Rainforests and 33,000 overseas since 1999. We’ve rescued 39 properties in Australia, 38 of those in the profoundly biodiverse and ecologically essential Daintree Rainforest.

Our community of Rainforest Guardians keeps us going strong, ensuring that we can keep producing solid conservation outcomes.

Become a Rainforest Guardian, this way you can rest assured knowing that you:

  • Give us the security to make long-term commitments to protecting rainforests by creating a sustainable funding base that keeps our Rainforest Rescue fund growing.
  • Provide continuity on our conservation commitments and research programs.
  • Reduce our administration and fundraising costs so more funding goes into protecting and restoring rainforests.
  • Ensure the long-term viability of our environmental outcomes through ongoing management and maintenance.
  • Allow us to budget and prepare for new opportunities to save endangered rainforests and the animals that depend upon them for their very survival.


For as little as $2 AUD per month, you can become a Rainforest Guardian and help save your piece of the rainforest.

Your monthly donation will be deducted from either your nominated credit card on your chosen date each month or from your nominated bank account on the 1st business day of each month.

Sign up for monthly giving & Protect Rainforests Forever

‘Rainforest Guardian’ is not just a name, it’s a commitment that we take very seriously as your personal contribution to the efforts we are completely focused on — Protecting Rainforests Forever!

All donations to Rainforest Rescue ($2 AUD or more) are tax-deductible. We keep all Guardians informed of our activities on a regular basis.


Stay in the loop

Head over to Rainforest Rescue’s News page for the latest updates on our work preserving a vast biodiversity of plants and wildlife in our rainforests. Make sure you’re subscribed to our quarterly eNews to receive updates direct to your inbox!


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