The Big 3 0 – Our 30th Rescue

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30th Rescue

Going for the big 3 0

Rainforest Rescue has a rare opportunity to buy a block of rainforest to create a new corridor in the heart of the Daintree. This will link a key Rainforest Rescue property at the foot of Thornton Peak down to the coast around Cooper Creek, joining the upland World Heritage Area to the coast. This is a unique opportunity to make a strategic connection and help deliver vital protection for the rainforest. 

Since Rainforest Rescue started out in 1999 we have worked across the globe to deliver rainforest conservation projects. However, as Australia’s rainforest charity we have a strong focus on our own back yard, rescuing 29 rainforest properties on home soil. We now need your help with our  30th  rescue – a vulnerable rainforest property in Australia.

It’s been an exciting year, with three priority vulnerable rainforest properties in the Daintree rescued to create a new Cape Kimberley wildlife corridor. In addition, you’ve helped protect 11 further areas of rainforest, removing development rights from the land with Nature Refuge covenants. With your support, we’ve also undertaken reforestation work across a wide range of sites, with over 20,000 trees planted on one property alone. All of this has been achieved by working in partnership with the local community and indigenous groups, landowners, businesses and conservation organisations. It’s the dedication of our supporters and volunteers which powers Rainforest Rescue forward to Protect Rainforests Forever!

We now have a rare opportunity to build on this great work by creating a new wildlife corridor in the heart of the Daintree. The property is of high biodiversity value and has yet to be developed. Saving this property will help sustain our growth momentum in buying back and protecting vulnerable rainforest in the lowland Daintree. This will be the 30th  rescue you and fellow rainforest guardians have saved across Australia, helping Protect Rainforests Forever.

The Lowland Daintree Rainforest lies between the Wet Tropics of Queensland and Great Barrier Reef UNESCO World Heritage Areas and has a vital role in connecting these two significant ecosystems.

Together we can rescue, restore and conserve this internationally important rainforest.

Of the 29 properties saved by you and fellow rainforest rescuers in Australia, 22 are protected with covenants stripping development rights and protecting them forever. In addition, two further properties have been gifted to the National Park. The remaining five properties will be protected with covenants once restoration work and other legal processes are complete. The Rainforest Rescue Board have made a strong commitment to never sell off land for development, no matter what the short-term gain may be.

I know you care deeply about Australia’s unique rainforest and want to ensure its conservation. It’s vital that we keep up the momentum and do all we can to protect the Daintree. Thanks to your support the future of Australian rainforest is far brighter.

Your gift can make a significant impact in protecting rainforest habitat for future generations. Please donate now to help the protection of our extraordinary rainforests.

Thank you for making our 30th rescue possible by donating to Protect Rainforests Forever.

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