Critter Corner – Rainbow Bee-eater

#CritterCorner – The Rainbow Bee-eater (Merops ornatus) are spectacular birds with a long slim curved bill and a long tail with distinctive tail-streamers. They are also spectacular hunters [...]

2022 Canopy Awards Sponsors

“Your shutter might only be open for a few seconds but your pictures could help Protect Rainforests Forever.” The Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards creates a platform to promote the [...]

Please welcome Angela Mateo

Please welcome Angela Mateo to the Rainforest Rescue team. Angela is responsible for our ethical seed collection and in charge of seed propagation at our Daintree Native Plant Nursery. What [...]

The Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards

How can a rainforest be protected in a fraction of a second? With a photograph. Introducing the Rainforest Rescue Canopy Awards. ***Update: Entry deadline has been extended to Mon 04 April [...]