Welcoming our Newest Partners for Protection

Welcoming our Newest Partners for Protection

We want to welcome our newest Partners for Protection. The team has been so touched by this last quarter’s support from Businesses and Foundations. We are experiencing some lovely growth in both these areas – which means even better outcomes for the unprotected Daintree rainforest.

Our much-loved Gold Partner, Will & Bear has officially joined the family with the launch of the epic ‘Make Earth Green Again’ caps. We 💚 you, Will & Bear.

Gold Partners for Protection

Will and Bear

We warmly welcome new Silver Tiered Partners, SCRATCH and 9 Degrees Boulder Gym.

Silver Partners for Protection


9 Degrees


Moving on up!

We warmly welcome two new Tiered Partners to the Rainforest Rescue Family, in Wandering Folk moving on up to GOLD! And Forest Super Foods, to SILVER. These businesses have increased their ongoing support to us significantly; and have moved on up in their investment to Rainforest Rescue. Thank you so much!

Gold Partners for Protection

Wandering Folk


Silver Partners for Protection

Forest Super Foods


Renewed and Continued Partnerships

A big shout out to these Partners who have refreshed their commitment to us:

Morris Family Foundation   Daintree EcoLodge


WaterChef   Back Country Bliss


Canopy Club

Morris Family Foundation

So many awesome vision-match Canopy Club Partners have joined the Rainforest Rescue family!

Maurie & Eve   Mecatl Cacao

Analytics Anomalous   Ironman

True Protein  

  Award Force

Underwater Tour   Mudita Institute

Lexicon   30 Acres


1% For the Planet

These awesome companies have joined the ever-growing list of 1%FTP businesses contributing to our work:

Magic of I   WaterChef

Scratch   Myrtle & Me

30 Acres   Talty Bar


1% of Profits to Rainforest Rescue

This program keeps on growing too, with the additional love from Symbios Growth, Sky High Heels and 9 Degrees Boulder Gym.

Symbios   Sky High Heels

90 Degrees


Thank you so much to all our amazing business partners! For any information on Rainforest Rescue’s program please email kristin@rainforestrescue.org.au


To see a list of our current Partners, check out the Business & Business Tiers and Foundation pages of our website.

Thank you for helping us Protect Rainforests Forever.

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