Lot 27 Cape Tribulation Road – RESCUED!

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Lot 27

Lot 27 – A well developed, biodiverse and beautiful forest

Huge Kudos and Huge Thanks to all of you who helped make this latest rescue possible – this is fantastic! At almost 2 Hectares, this beautiful rainforest block is now safe from development.

Bravo you!

This will also  help expand the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor and protect precious biodiversity and habitat.

It’s official: Lot 27 Cape Tribulation Rd is now part of the Rainforest Rescue portfolio of protection.

You did it!

Thanks to you, our community of Rainforest Rescuers who believe in the importance of nature over development, this beautiful rainforest property is protected from development and will continue to provide essential habitat for the many local endemic and endangered species, like the Southern Cassowary. Together we Protect Rainforests Forever!

This dense, intact rainforest conjures up images of an ancient world, before subdivisions and development became a threat to Nature and our common future. Thick leaf litter, rich and humid air carrying the scent of flowers and mulch, the sounds of Wompoo pigeons calling to their mates and parrots screeching captivate the senses. Massive trees, twisting vines, a diversity of fungus, insects and beautiful butterflies – massive, vivid blue Ulysses butterflies – and more, inspire us to protect this haven for Nature. Cassowary droppings  show this is a regular path on their foraging journeys through this habitat shared with other endangered and threatened species, like the Musky Rat-Kangaroo and the Spectacled Fruit Bat. Its location, dynamic structure and biodiversity make it an ideal candidate for nature refuge status and Wildlife Corridor inclusion. It scores very high on our ecological assessment and you have protected it. Well done, you!

We can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support and belief in the work of Rainforest Rescue. Our 34th rescue in the Daintree World Heritage Area is only possible because people like you care enough to make the difference.


Now we’re getting ready for our Annual Community Tree Planting, up in the Daintree Rainforest on ex cane production land, where we’re recreating a robust rainforest habitat for endemic wildlife and biodiversity. Join us! We’ll be there on May 9th. Click here for more information.

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