Tree Kangaroos and Crypto

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NFT Fundraising is on the rise, with cryptocurrencies on their way to achieving mainstream status. In particular, the 12 Tribes of Space Poggers and a Troop of Tree Kangaroos have been digitally Protecting the Daintree and supporting Restoration. First up we caught up with the team at Roo Troop to find out what they’re all about and how they came to support Rainforest Rescue … stay tuned for our next instalment, all about Space Poggers and how Rainforest Rescue came to win a mega prize from their community to help protect rainforests forever. Now to our new crypto friends, Roo Troop!

The 12 Tribes of Space Poggers and a Troop of Roos Protecting the Daintree

Who is Roo Troop?

Roo Troop is an NFT project launched by Roo Labs whose mission is to unite a community eager to build in Web3 and to provide them with the utility and skills to succeed, carried out in a way that has tremendous benefit to the entire Web3 economy.

We’re focused on supplying the Troop with educational, employment, economic, and entertainment opportunities, all while preserving a dwindling species & developing the first on-chain job marketplace, a platform that will disrupt the traditional job market.

Why do you care about Tree Kangaroos?

We have ambitious goals to provide value to every Roo Troop holder, and we also have these same feelings about making a positive impact on Tree Kangaroos and their ecosystems.

When the idea to start an NFT project came up amongst our team, we knew that we wanted to have some sort of philanthropic aspect baked in. Tree Kangaroos embody the adaptability, resourcefulness and fun that we want to bring to the world. This is why we chose the Tree Kangaroo, a wildly unknown & nearly-extinct animal, to be at the helm of our work.

Why did you contribute to Rainforest Rescue?

Tree Kangaroos’ natural habitat in the Daintree Rainforest of Queensland has been negatively impacted by human-led deforestation meanwhile the average person doesn’t even know Tree Roos exist. Being endangered is one thing, but to couple that with being almost entirely unheard of makes the survival of these creatures all the more difficult. With the conservation efforts of Rainforest Rescue, the Daintree is slowly being restored & the animals that call it home are being protected.

In March of 2022, Roo Labs donated 10eth ($30k) – that’s 10 ETHEREUM – to Rainforest Rescue. These funds were used to help purchase Lot 19 in the Daintree Rainforest to preserve the habitat. For the first time, there is now an unbroken corridor from the lowest point of elevation all the way up to the highest for Tree Kangaroos to safely travel through, find mates & for Joeys to expand their territory.

Working with Rainforest Rescue was and continues to be an easy-flowing & fulfilling initiative. Their team shows the knowledge, care and efficiency needed to carry out the lofty goals they’ve set forth. We’re honored to be working together to leave a positive mark on an otherwise negatively-impacted species.

What’s next?

Next on tap for Roo Labs is to launch the first on-chain job marketplace. Think Indeed or Glassdoor but by utilizing blockchain technology, employers hiring through our platform are able to verify an applicant’s work experience, employment history, skills & capabilities.

We plan to continue innovating within Web3 & making a positive impact on Tree Roos in the wild, which is why we are planning an event to come out to the Daintree in order to help out at the nursery.

Next up! SPACE POGGERS – stay tuned



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