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Emma Tait

Meet Emma Tait, Rainforest Guardian and Long-Term Supporter

We at Rainforest Rescue are so grateful to all our supporters and Rainforest Guardians. You make everything possible and ensure that our vision to rescue, protect and restore threatened rainforests continues to be a reality.

In this first series of Supporter Spotlight, we want to recognise the incredible commitment and passion of one of our Rainforest Guardians, Emma Tait—not only in her long-term support of Rainforest Rescue but in her lifelong efforts in actively caring for the environment as an educator, campaigner, tree planter and bush regenerator.

How did you hear about Rainforest Rescue?

“I saw a Rainforest Rescue sticker on my friend’s laptop many, many years ago.  She told me she was a supporter so I decided to join too.”

What was your first impression of Rainforest Rescue?

“My first impression was the beautiful King Parrot logo, a favourite bird of mine, and the fact that they focus their energy on specific, targeted outcomes such as buying up individual rainforest blocks, fundraising for reforestation using seeds collected and raised in their nursery or working with a particular school to repopulate the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Vine.

I also got the impression of positivity, that the organisation and its staff have an upbeat and hopeful attitude and take a straightforward, practical approach to achieve their goals.”

What inspired you to to support Rainforest Rescue?

“Since I can remember, I have cared deeply about the environment.  Growing up in Queensland, I visited the wondrous Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef and have many special memories of camping in rainforests, playing in nature and encountering wildlife.

I have remained active in caring for the environment as an educator, campaigner, tree planter and bush regenerator and I wanted to donate to an Australian charity in addition to the Australian Conservation Foundation.

With their work in Queensland, supporting Rainforest Rescue is my way of “thinking globally and acting locally”.  Rainforest Rescue understands the important value of the Cassowary to the health of the Daintree Rainforest and their unique approach to conserving rainforest habitat through buying up blocks of land to stitch into a canvas of nature corridors is a tangible, effective and permanent way to ensure the protection of this irreplaceable wilderness in perpetuity.

I like the certainty of this approach, the immediate benefit, the measurable outcomes and it gives a strong sense that your donation is making a definite and noticeable difference in the here and now and into the future.”

How would you describe Rainforest Rescue to someone who’s never heard of them?

“Any time I have the opportunity, I am eager to introduce people to Rainforest Rescue and explain the work they do and why I’m so committed to supporting them.  I tell people about the endangered Cassowary and its vital importance to the ecosystem of the world’s oldest, continually surviving rainforest by way of seed germination and what it would mean if the cassowary were to become extinct.  I tell them about the limited populations of Cassowary and how they’re supported by Rainforest Rescue through the buy-back of each block of rainforest so that these areas will remain untouched and provide wildlife corridors for animals to move through their habitat, undisturbed by human impacts such as habitat loss through development, dog attacks, road impacts and the ever-increasing severe weather events induced by climate change.

I always point out that Rainforest Rescue provides a regular update on their projects, reporting exactly where the donationed funds were spent, which particular blocks were bought and which are the next targets for that tapestry of vital habitat.

The size and focus of Rainforest Rescue’s projects are very specific and realistic so there’s a strength and reliability in that which gives a donor confidence that their contribution is genuinely making a difference.  I want people to appreciate what Rainforest Rescue does, why it is significant and that being a Rainforest Guardian is an effective way to protect the environment.”

What inspires you to continue supporting Rainforest Rescue?

“In this time where Climate Change is devastating the natural world, it’s important to keep hope alive.  Supporting Rainforest Rescue as a Rainforest Guardian and seeing the specific outcomes supporters’ donations are assisting to achieve, gives me hope that there are many things being done that are genuinely benefiting the environment and the wildlife that depend upon it.

It’s easy to feel powerless and, while there are many excellent charities out there to choose from, by donating to what feels like a “local” charity, I get a sense that it is possible to make a difference, that I am connected to the people who are working hard and who are dedicated to making those donations work hard too.

Rainforest Rescue has been consistent over the entire time I have been a supporter, they’re organised, professional, they have a clear and realistic strategy and they just get to work and get results!  It’s very inspiring!”

How could we add value to your supporter experience?

“Perhaps some more video footage about Rainforest Rescue in general and also about specific projects or achievements, that I can share with friends, particularly on social media.  Some footage that educates about an animal, plant or area. Timelapse of reforestation projects, showing improvement of vegetation, drone footage of wildlife corridors and blocks that have been bought and protected.”

To find out more about Rainforest Guardians and how you can make a personal contribution to the efforts we are completely focused on—Protecting Rainforests Forever, visit our Rainforest Guardians page.

We love hearing from our supporters … if you would like to contribute to our Supporter Spotlight, we want to hear your story. Please get in touch with us via


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