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Choco-Andean rainforest corridor

Since 1994 our international project partner, UK-based Rainforest Concern, has made dramatic progress in buying back land to build a biodiversity corridor between the Andean Cloud Forests and the lowland forests of the Awa Ethnic Reserve.

The northern phase of the project, which was to connect the Awa Reserve with the Cotacachi Cayapas Ecological Reserve was completed in 2002. This was a significant achievement in international conservation with 30,000 acres bought back and protected.
Since 2004 Rainforest Rescue has been supporting the southern phase of the project; to connect the Choco-Darien Rainforest with the Andean Cloud Forests. This phase covers the widest range of habitats with altitudes stretching from 1000m to 3500m.

To date 1761 hectares have been protected.

The Cloud Forests are in grave danger from the constant threat of logging, mining and farming. As a habitat, they are home to an incredible range of animals including jaguars, spectacled bears and many rare birds, but the relentless pace and scale of destruction is edging these animals towards extinction.

Biological corridors are essential to maintain migration of animal and plant species from one area to another and to ensure healthy population levels.

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