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Ecuador save a hectare project

Globally, Cloud Forests make up only 2.5% of the overall world's tropical forests, and 25% of the Cloud Forests occur in Ecuador. These forests are considered to be close to the top of the list of threatened ecosystems globally.

The Cloud Forests of Ecuador contain 15-17% of the world's plant species and nearly 20% of its total bird diversity. Endemism is very high.

They are home to an incredible range of animals including Jaguars, Spectacled Bears, Pumas and many rare birds. However the constant threat of logging and unsustainable agriculture is edging many of these species towards extinction.

Rainforest Rescue's Ecuador Save a Hectare Project, in partnership with UK-based Rainforest Concern, is working to purchase and protect strategically important rainforest properties within the Choco-Andean Corridor.

This corridor provides a vital link between two of Ecuador's biological hotspots - the Choco-Darien Rainforest and the Tropical Andes, ensuring continuity of rainforest.

Poverty is the main cause of Cloud Forest destruction in Ecuador with local farmers continuing to use unsustainable and destructive agricultural practices. Importantly, our project also supports the local communities in sustainable and alternative incomes through rainforest conservation and ecotourism.

Help protect the cloud forest

You can help save Ecuador's Cloud Forest from destruction by donating or fundraising for Rainforest Rescue.



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