Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road is strategically located to increase an established wildlife corridor and connect protected rainforest, this property connects to the Daintree National Park / World Heritage Area through prior rescues. This purchase and rescue will further extend the Rainforest Rescue Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor.

It’s Our Nature To Protect

Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road

Like many of you, we never thought that we’d actually experience a global pandemic. It’s scary, it’s sad, it’s disruptive—it’s surprising in many ways—and from some perspectives, it’s our worst nightmare.

Whilst together we are all affected in various ways through this extremely challenging time, we must continue to create the world we believe in. We must protect the world we want to see and ensure it exists for our children and the future.

We aren’t letting the pandemic stop us. In fact, we’re not slowing down.

We have a very unique and special opportunity to buy Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road.

This beautiful rainforest is near prior rescues and connects directly to the National Park. It is in close proximity to 10 properties protected by Rainforest Rescue that form the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor and the Milky Pine Wildlife Refuge; its protection further enhances these areas.

Rare and endangered species such as the Southern Cassowary and Bennett’s Tree-Kangaroo have been seen in this vicinity, and ancient primitive flowering plants abound.

Buying this property will enable us to extend a priceless and important wildlife and biodiversity nature corridor, significantly building upon existing Rainforest Rescue protected areas. This buy back is of vital importance and prevents rainforest destructive development.

Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road

“Acquiring this property augments the integrity of the wildlife corridor we have already established through lots 27, 29, 30, 32 and 33. With a significantly high ecological score we recommend that Rainforest Rescue urgently acquire this property.”

— Allen Sheather, Rainforest Rescue’s Daintree Ecological Advisor with Barbara Maslen.

Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road is the next piece of the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor puzzle. With its purchase, you will help us protect almost two hectares of pristine Daintree rainforest habitat.

This property is rich in endemic species of plants and animals. Plants like the the beautifully scented Daintree Gardenia Randia audasii or the many species of primitive Laurels, relatives of avocados such as Sankey’s Walnut and animals such as Striped Possums and one of Australia’s most primitive Kangaroos, the Musky Rat Kangaroo. It directly connects to the Daintree National Park, and our field staff have assessed this property with a very high ecological score.

By buying it today, you will help increase the overall footprint of protected habitat in this crucial corridor.

It is only through the support of incredible people like you, that this precious rainforest and habitat can be protected from development. Your support ensures that when we pool resources and target our efforts, we can protect and restore damaged habitat for the benefit of rainforest animals, plants, insects and fungi, and for future generations.

In the absence of greater legislative protections, we believe it’s incumbent on good people like you and I to protect and preserve what we love; that nature and rainforests such as the Daintree simply must be protected forever.

The Daintree is Australia’s crown jewel of biodiversity – it is nothing less than our honour to protect it—with your support and your commitment to nature, we will continue to do so.

Every rescue is essential, and we will keep rescuing rainforest, block by block, protecting it forever, but only with your help.

Map showing location of Lot 24
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With your support, we can Protect Lot 24 Forever

Heroes like you are Protecting Rainforests Forever

Of the 35 properties rescued through Rainforest Rescue Australia-wide – 34 in the Daintree – 22 are further protected with Nature Refuge status – protected forever. Two properties are in this process and two others have been gifted to the National Park. and we’re working with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to protect the remaining 8 forever. 5 Wildlife Corridors have been established to ensure greater connectivity and protection. Protected rainforest is increasing.
This is how WE are Protecting Rainforests Forever.

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