Klorane partnership reaches next level in the Daintree

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Last month on the 30th of July, one of Rainforest Rescue’s Platinum Partners Klorane, made a special visit to the Daintree.

The visit started off with a tour around the current nursery in Diwan, where 12,000 trees are grown each year for reforestation of land previously used to farm sugar cane and cattle.

The group then headed on down to the site of the New, yet to be opened Rainforest Rescue nursery, to plant some trees along the boundary of the property and protect it from the road. This was significant for both Rainforest Rescue and Klorane as it solidified the partnership that was entered into earlier this year, with Klorane contributing towards the growing of 50,000 seedlings at what WILL be the largest operating nursery in the Daintree Rainforest.

Says Victorine Mary Brand Manager at Klorane; ‘’We really wanted to walk the talk and not only see the impact of our funding; but get our hands dirty and actually help to rebuild some of the damaged rainforest.’’

The handful of nurseries in the area currently output around 30,000 trees per year, with the existing Rainforest Rescue nursery accounting for almost half of this. This is not enough, and the creation of the Rainforest Rescue New Nursery will dramatically increase the level of trees produced.

Klorane is an integral part of enabling Rainforest Rescue to create a bright future for the Daintree: this 50,000 tree propagation contribution is part of supporting Rainforest Rescue to grow over ONE MILLION TREES in the first 10 years at the New Nursery, increasing habitat in the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest, and drawing carbon from the atmosphere.

The partnership is also significant to Klorane, who take pride in the prioritisation of organic farming for their ingredients, while cultivating plants all over the world in compliance with a certified eco-responsible approach to ensure the sustainable preservation of botanical heritage and biodiversity.

“At Klorane we are pharmacists, we are botanists, and we are committed to the planet. And we have been doing this for over 50 years. 2022 marks an important year as we are going one step further in our environmental actions by supporting Rainforest Rescue in growing 50,000 trees in the Daintree. It is our mission to support crucial plant rescue and protection programs, as well as inspiring a love of plant science in generations to come.” – Laurent-Emmanuel Saffré, Head of Oceania Region and CEO of Pierre Fabre Australia

“At Rainforest Rescue we recognise that there is a lot to do in protecting the world’s longest surviving and continually evolving rainforest. We also know that we are stronger through our partnerships. It’s both validating and reassuring to have the support of Klorane – this commitment to supporting the propagation of magnificent trees that will be used in restoration that will help mitigate climate change while providing essential habitat for the myriad creatures of the Daintree. For this we are grateful.”Branden Barber, CEO of Rainforest Rescue.


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