Faith in a Seed – A New Nursery Update

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Traveling down the road in the Daintree is to experience a tropical Eden, with dreamlike forests, crystal-clear oceans, and an exotically beautiful  environment filled with the wild sounds of nature. As you turn into Cow Bay, nestled amidst the trees, you come across a cutting-edge project that is working towards the preservation of this paradise for future generations.

It’s been nine months since Rainforest Rescue secured the long-term lease at the old Cow Bay Airstrip in the heart of the Daintree, after engaging friends and supporters who purchased the property to both protect it and to provide such a location for this new initiative. It is because of you, and your support, the 126-hectare site is now home to our new native nursery! We are so happy to be sharing the land with the Cassowaries, tree kangaroos and hundreds of different birds, frogs, butterflies and numerous lizards, all amidst one of the most biologically varied ecosystems on earth.

Rainforest Rescue CEO Branden Barber said, “We took a leap of faith in creating this nursery, and all of our donors and supporters came to the table to help make this happen. Thanks to all of you, we now have a new space to create opportunities, trainings, bio-diversity protection and climate action. It is part of our deep commitment to rainforest and to the planet.”

With the addition of these new production facilities, Rainforest Rescue crosses a significant threshold, ultimately increasing our tree planting capacity to over 150,000 trees per year. And we’ve accomplished this by engaging environmentally sustainable practices while maintaining cultural integrity, ecological processes, and preserving biological diversity

Project Manager and Ecological Advisor Allen explains why this nursery matters and the impact it will have:

“The increase in rainforest seedling production is key to being able to demonstrate that we can restore large properties at scale. If we are going to have a  meaningful impact towards reversing past mistakes we are going to have to ramp up our output. The nursery is also critical in furthering our partnership with local Traditional Owners as well as our other conservation partners. It will be the core of those partnerships.” 

Allen and his partner, Barbara, have been providing on-site project management and have kept the rest of the team informed with live updates from the site.

The first updates were from over a year ago…


With the nursery now nearing its initial operational functionality, Rainforest Rescue continues in strength in rainforest conservation and climate action, with the ability to demonstrate restoration as a viable business model for land owners – through emergent restoration credits, reef credits, biodiversity credits, and tree-planting partnerships. And not just any trees – we can grow and manage restoration projects designed for exactly the spot they are needed – growing the desired species, and creating a market through partnerships.

We took a leap of faith, relying on our partners, increasing restoration activities and opportunities, and on you, our supporters. It’s wonderful to see what we are achieving together…for the Rainforests.



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