Cairns Ecofiesta 2021

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On Sunday 13 June 2021 Munro Martin Parklands in Cairns was a buzz – a day of stellar performances, hands-on workshops, a massive eco-expo, and family fun at the Cairns Ecofiesta.

Ecofiesta Rainforest Rescue Martin Stringer Photography

Rainforest Rescue’s photographer, Martin Stringer of Martin Stringer Film and Photography, attended the event, along with Lisa (RR’s Conservation Field Labourer), and here’s what they had to say about the day.

The Ecofiesta turned out really well. There was so much interest in the event, especially with our gallery space which featured my rainforest imagery on display. We displayed two huge canvas prints (1.5-meters) which were auctioned off to raise funds to help Rainforest Rescue buyback Lot 18 Cape Kimberley Road and protect it forever. The prints served their purpose – making an impression and helping us to show the true beauty of Lot 18 during almost every conversation I had – and the new owners are happy with their purchases, taking home their own little piece of rainforest memorabilia and knowing a percentage of their purchase has contributed to a great cause.

Thankfully Lisa was able to take time away from her busy study schedule to assist me at the Ecofiesta. Lisa has now completed her final assessment for her Masters of Science (Professional) Environmental Management Major –  congratulations, Lisa! Lisa shared her thoughts on the event afterward, saying:

“The atmosphere was filled with so much positivity and good energy. It was so nice to see everyone there for the same reason – for the love, respect, and appreciation of the environment. It was wonderful to see so many different environmentally-focused stalls… many I never knew existed. Everyone was really happy and friendly. Great to see so many people there regardless of the rain. Many wildlife education stalls too.”

– Lisa, Conservation Field Labourer

Ecofiesta Replica Cassowary Eggs Martin Stringer Photography

Emily Silverstone, RR’s Daintree Supporters Coordinator, lovingly handcrafted replica cassowary eggs prior to the event. These proved very popular on the day and were a great attraction.

We also raised funds from t-shirt sales, accepted donations, and shared Aristolochia acuminata (Native Dutchmans pipe / Cairns Birdwing Butterfly plant) seedlings, which as the name suggests is a host plant to the beautiful Cairns birdwing butterfly. We have grown these seedlings inside used compostable BioCups from Cairns Airport who collect the used BioCups, wash them and donate them to the Rainforest Rescue nursery for a second life. Once the seedling is ready for planting the cup’s bottom can be taken out and the cup and seedling can be planted directly into the soil. Rainforest Rescue also grows and supplies these vines to Cairns Airport to assist in boosting the Cairns Birdwing butterfly population.

Ecofiesta Birdwing Butterfly Vines Martin Stringer Photography

If you haven’t already signed up for Rainforest Rescue’s mailing list, make sure you do, as I will create a video about this in the future.

Thanks to the organisers and everyone who came and supported us at the Ecofiesta. I hope to see some of you back there in 2022!

For the rainforests,

Martin Stringer

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Andrew John Solomon, a Kuku Yalanji traditional owner of the Daintree, which was regenerated by Rainforest Rescue over a 10 year period. Photo by Sean Davey/GuardianLand Manager, Justin McMahon, at Lot 18 Skip to content

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