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Top Priority Daintree properties … 1-2-3!

Today more than two thirds of the Daintree Lowland Rainforest remain unprotected – most of the land is in the hands of private owners - and can be developed and the pristine rainforest destroyed at any time.

All hope is not lost though! At Rainforest Rescue we know we can do something about this! But we need your help; your donations to Buy Back the Daintree!

Right now we have three pristine pieces of rainforest we want to protect forever - Lot 13 Forest Creek Road, Forest Creek and Lots 32 and 38 Cape Tribulation Road, Daintree.

  1. Lot 13 Forest Creek Road, Forest Creekprotected forever thanks to your donations. We have now raised all the money needed to buy the ‘jewel in our Forest Creek area crown’.

  2. Lot 38 Cape Tribulation Road, Daintreeless than $10,000 left to raise to buy this undisturbed rainforest. The owner has accepted our reduced offer and this land is now under contract to Rainforest Rescue.

  3. Lot 32 Cape Tribulation Road, Daintree – this piece of precious rainforest is still in our sights and we won’t stop raising money until we have secured it from the developers!


Why are these our top priorities?

1. All three are under threat of development

under threatAll are currently listed for sale, which puts them at risk of development. At the moment property prices in the Daintree are low. This represents great value for us but also makes these properties a bargain for people wanting to build houses.

2. They have extraordinary biodiversity

under threatThe Daintree Rainforest is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. Thousands of plants, animals and insects – many of which only exist in this one place – call the rainforest home. So great is the biodiversity, some plants and animals have yet to be discovered and classified. Rare and threatened species including cassowaries and Bennett’s tree-kangaroos have been seen on all three properties. They are classified as ‘essential habitat’ for the Endangered Southern Cassowary under the Vegetation Management Act (1999).

3. They all contain pristine rainforest

under threatAlthough we clear, re-plant and maintain land where necessary, our main priority is to protect existing rainforest. Each of these properties contains extensive pristine rainforest that will be threatened unless we protect them forever.

4. They connect protected places

under threatThese properties score highly for their connectivity, linking our existing properties with National Park and other protected areas. Connectivity is essential for the wellbeing of the unique and threatened fauna because it provides extended tracts of habitat to feed, breed and raise their young.

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About these properties

Lot 13 Forest Creek Road, Forest Creek – a jewel in the crown

Great news! We have now raised the funds to purchase Lot 13 Forest Creek Road and have signed the contract of purchase. Our donors and supporters made this possible.

Lot 13 provides the missing connection we’ve been waiting for between our Forest Creek properties. Backing on to Lot 16 Forest Close - that we purchased earlier this year - it is adjacent to two more Rainforest Rescue properties and is only 100 metres away from Lot 15. It shares its southern border with the Daintree National Park, is in close proximity to Lots 7, 8 and 9 and to the World Heritage area.

This property has hardly been disturbed and the canopy is intact. It protects a number of rare, endemic plant species including the black palm (Normanbya normanbyi). It is also key to the wellbeing and survival of unique fauna, like the vulnerably listed Bennett’s tree-kangaroo (Dendrolagus bennettianus) and the endangered Southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii).

Lot 38 Cape Tribulation Road, Daintree

More great news! The owner has dropped the price and accepted our offer. Lot 38 is now under contract.

Lot 38 is of immense value because it connects to the Swamp Forest Nature Reserve, which in turn backs onto the Daintree National Park.

Lot 32 Cape Tribulation Road, Daintree

Lot 32 adjoins Lot 29 which is owned by Rainforest Rescue and borders onto the World Heritage area. The Swamp Forest Nature Refuge extends to the east and acts as a corridor to World Heritage land.

Lots 32 and 38 are also in close proximity to our other properties at 14, 16 and 46 Cape Tribulation Road. Acquiring properties on Cape Tribulation Road is a high priority due to their important connectivity to the Alexandra Range.

Several plants of limited distribution such as black palms (Normanbya normanbyi), red beech (Dillenia alata) and Rhodomyrtus effusa grow on these properties.

We are particularly concerned about Lot 32 as its easterly views to Snapper Island make it a highly desirable development block.

Please help us to protect these rainforest properties forever.

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Our number one priority right now
Lot 13 Forest Creek Road, Forest Creek
Immense connectivity value
Lots 32 & 38 Cape Tribulation Road, Daintree

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