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Biodiversity Conservation

Conserving biodiversity means protecting rainforest landscapes, species populations, genes, and interactions into the future.

Care for an orphan cassowary

Help us support three rescued cassowary chicks by donating to our 'Care for an Orphan Cassowary' campaign.


Rainforests support an incredible range of plants and animals. Species interactions contribute significantly to the health of the rainforest ecosystem and its resilience. Protecting species and their habitats protects biodiversity.

Disturbance and destruction of the rainforest environment from development, clearing, and introduced species is placing stress on rainforest ecosystems, and undermining them.  The result is that an increasing number of rainforest communities, plants, and animal species are being listed as threatened, endangered, or critically endangered. 

By focussing on biodiversity protection, Rainforest Rescue contributes directly to improved conservation outcomes. Rainforests are the most complex terrestrial ecosystems on the planet. This complexity reflects the myriad life forms and multiple layers and habitats that create the structure of the forest. Within the global rainforests there are recognised biodiversity ‘hot spots’. Rainforest Rescue focuses on these areas as a priority. 

Rainforest Rescue protects and conserves rainforest biodiversity by purchasing high conservation value rainforest properties and establishing conservation covenants. We also rehabilitate and restore disturbed rainforest areas, and initiate awareness campaigns targeted at critically important species, such as the Southern Cassowary. 


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