A Rainforest Welcome to Hayden White

A lot of you may be familiar with Hayden White, as he began his Rainforest Rescue journey as Conservation Field Labourer at the beginning of 2023. In late 2023, when Justin McMahon announced he [...]

Rainforest Welcome to Mark Cox

We are delighted to introduce the newest member of the Rainforest Rescue team: Mark Cox. Please join us in extending a warm rainforest welcome to Mark, who has joined us as our new Communications [...]

Welcome Tate Brammer

Please welcome Tate Brammer to the Rainforest Rescue team! As our new General Manager Finance & Operations, Tate is a passionate, inquisitive and driven leader who cares deeply about nature [...]

Please Welcome Sigrid Wilkens

Please welcome Sigrid Wilkens to the Rainforest Rescue team. As Rainforest Rescue’s Land Labourer & Partnerships Support Officer, Sigrid works alongside Justin McMahon on the land as [...]

Please welcome Angela Mateo

Please welcome Angela Mateo to the Rainforest Rescue team. Angela is responsible for our ethical seed collection and in charge of seed propagation at our Daintree Native Plant Nursery. What [...]

Please welcome Justin McMahon

Please welcome Justin McMahon to the Rainforest Rescue team. Justin is responsible for all of the properties you’ve helped us rescue and he’s in charge of our restoration activities. What brought [...]

Please welcome César Garcia

Please welcome César Garcia to the Rainforest Rescue team. César Garcia will work as our engagement coordinator to help us grow and tend our garden of support. Below is Rainforest Rescue’s [...]

Please welcome Marine Deliens

Welcome Marine Deliens to the Rainforest Rescue Team! Marine Deliens comes to us from Belgium and made her way to Australia to start a new life in Far North. She brings excellent qualifications [...]