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Celebrating 25 years of your support in protecting and restoring rainforests.

Protecting and Restoring Rainforests is Climate Action

How YOU can help



Our ‘Protect a Rainforest’ project focuses on purchasing rainforest blocks for conservation and protecting them forever, increasing connectivity and protecting biodiversity.

Plant a Rainforest (© Martin Stringer)


Our ‘Plant a Rainforest’ projects replant rainforest and re-establish habitat for plants and animals’ endemic to that specific ecosystem. We believe Trees Are The Answer.



Rainforest Rescue’s native nursery in Cow Bay propagates and grows all the rainforest trees for our Daintree lowland restoration projects. It’s time to grow!

From little things, big things grow

and look how you’ve helped rainforests grow since 1999!

320,412 in Australia
33,000 Overseas
44 in Daintree, Queensland
1 in Pyengana, Tasmania
1,222,114 in the Daintree
809,400 in Tasmania
by Nature Refuge status
in Australia
Founded on
25 March 1999


In 1999, our founders set out to protect the under-protected rainforest in Australia. What matters then still matters now. Rainforests are biodiverse, ecologically rich habitats that are important to our planet’s health. To borrow a phrase, “The better time to plant a tree was 25 years ago. The best time is now.”



Rainforest Rescue’s 2024 Annual Community Tree Planting Day is scheduled for Saturday 18 May 2024 and you’re invited!
2024 also marks our 25th birthday, and we’re so excited to celebrate with you.
An event not to be missed!



Help restore the Daintree Rainforest and plant more trees than ever before. To deliver a tree-planting capacity of 150,000 trees a year, the nursery needs a range of practical items. Your support is critical in ensuring the continuing operations of the Daintree’s largest nursery.



When you give generously, you become part of a committed team of individuals who collectively are helping to preserve some of the most biodiverse habitats and the species that live within them on this planet.
Become a Rainforest Rescuer today!

  • “At Klorane we are pharmacists, we are botanists, and we are committed to the planet. And we have been doing this for over 50 years. 2022 marks an important year as we are going one step further in our environmental actions by supporting Rainforest Rescue in growing 50,000 trees in the Daintree. It is our mission to support crucial plant rescue and protection programs, as well as inspiring a love of plant science in generations to come.”

    Laurent-Emmanuel Saffré Head of Oceania Region for Klorane and CEO of Pierre Fabre Australia

Rainforest Rescue on Instagram

If we are going to help mitigate climate change and restore more rainforest, then we need to plant more trees. To plant more trees… we must produce more trees 🌱🌳🌳.

Thanks to your incredible support, we are increasing tree production in the Daintree for restoration by over 1000%, breathing life into new restoration projects that will see the size of the Daintree increase and its resilience grow.

Our new native nursery will ultimately produce 150,000 trees per year - ready for the replanting of almost 25 hectares of rainforest habitat every year! And we`re very excited about it.

Check out all the significant nursery milestones to date: (link in bio).

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📣 Important information re: the 2024 Annual Community Tree Planting 📣


What to bring:

🌱 A water bottle (we will provide a water refill station)
🌳 Sturdy closed-toed boots/shoes (if it`s raining or has been wet we`d suggest gumboots or other waterproof boots)
🌱 Sun-safe attire e.g., hat & sunscreen and wet-weather gear e.g., gumboots & raincoat (we know this sounds odd, but the weather can be very unpredictable & it`s been unseasonably wet of late)
🌳 A willingness to get your hands dirty
🌱 Locals are encouraged to bring camping chairs or picnic rugs

If you haven`t already, please register for your free ticket at (🔗 in bio).

We`re looking forward to seeing you all, planting more trees & celebrating 25 years of Rainforest Rescue 💚.

#PlantARainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #RainforestRescueTurns25 #TreePlanting #PlantATree #DaintreeRainforest #RR25 #DaintreeRainforest

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Have you seen `Planet Fungi: Follow the Rain`? It`s an exciting new documentary that follows world famous fungi hunters Stephen Axford and Catherine Marciniak (@planet_fungi🍄) on their search for the weird and wonderful fungi that emerge and teach us why fungi are critical to life as we know it.

There are millions of species of fungus that scientists think could exist but have not yet been identified 🍄🍄🍄. This is why we need many more curious young minds and passionate nature lovers to continue understanding the fascinating word of fungi.

*Not a sponsored post.

#Fungi #Fungus #DaintreeRainforest #Documentary #LoveFungi #NatureDocumentary #ProtectRainforestsForever #PlantARainforest

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It`s International Day of Plant Health 2024: Plant health, safe trade and digital technology 🌿.

Plants are life – we depend on them for 80% of the food we eat and 98% of the oxygen we breathe (@fao). Protecting plant health is essential to biodiversity and the wellbeing of everyone on the planet.

Today (and every day!), we want to help raise awareness of how protecting plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect biodiversity and the environment, and boost economic development.

Take a moment today to learn more about our new native nursery: and 🌱🌱🌱.

📷: Callicarpa candicans by Allen Sheather

#Daintree #DaintreeRainforest #DaintreePlants #DaintreeTrees #PlantHealth #DayOfPlantHealth @fao

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Your support makes a HUGE difference, helping the biggest Daintree`s nursery thrive 🌱🌳🌳.

To reach our goal of planting 150,000 trees per year, we need you to join us: (link in bio) 💚.

#DaintreeRainforest #Rainforest #TreesAreTheAnswer #PlantTrees #DaintreeNursery #NativeNursery #Daintree #DaintreeAppeal #Donate #ProtectDaintree

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If you ever feel like you are alone or the challenge is too big, join forces with others who are also passionate and committed, and doing a great job protecting the rainforest.

Hold your own Forest Fundraiser and help Protect Rainforests FOREVER: (link in bio) 💚.

Become a Rainforest Guardian today: (link in bio)💚.

Shop Rainforest Rescue mech: (link in bio) 💚.

And MORE! There are so many great ways to make a difference.

Your ongoing support allows us to purchase and protect rainforest to preserve biodiversity, and restore essential habitat for our native wildlife. Thank you!

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#ForestFlora: Although fungi, which includes yeasts, rusts, smuts, mildews, moulds, and mushrooms, isn`t technically a part of flora or fauna and inhabits its own category of organisms, we want to tell you a little about Yellow Bridal Veil (Phallus multicolor), a species of fungus in the family Phallaceae or “stinkhorns” 🍄.

The fruit body of this alien-looking fungus is characterised by a cone or bell-shaped cap on a stalk and a delicate “lace skirt” (indusium) that hangs from beneath the cap almost reaching the ground. This ‘lace skirt’ grows mostly through the night, and spends around 10 to 15 hours fully unfolding. Have you ever spent time watching it 👀?

Head over to our website to learn more: (link in bio) 💚.

📸: Martin Stringer Photography

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We`re doubling our impact with less, with the help of data 🤓.

Everyday, we are surrounded by data that can help deepen our understanding of the environment and help us be more effective with the funding our supporters provide. For example, we need resources such as water, organic fertiliser and pest control to aid restoration plots. In reviewing the data, we identified some quick wins that our land management and nursery teams have implemented to lessen the demand for these resources.

This is very exciting, because when we scale this up across all the restoration plots over a longer period of time, we can see capital savings that we reallocate into other projects. We can achieve more with less!

Learn more about how we do it on our website: (link in bio).

@jamescookuniversity #Daintree #AustralianRainforest #DaintreeRainforest #Conservation #Restoration #ProtectRainforests #ProtectDaintree #LoveDaintree #NativeNursery #ThrivingNature

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The Daintree is Australia’s largest and most biodiverse rainforest - it has existed far longer than any other rainforest on the planet 🌳🌳🌳. It`s kind of a BIG deal! No wonder so many of us want to protect it.

Together, we can help extend Nature Refuges and expand Wildlife Corridors, allowing the native fauna and flora to thrive… FOREVER.

Wouldn`t that be amazing? We are already doing it, but we can only do it with your help.

Consider becoming a Rainforest Guardian today: (link in bio) 💚.

#RainforestGuardian #ProtectRainforest #DaintreeRainforest #AustralianRainforest #Conservation #DaintreeWildlife #NatureRefuge #WildlifeCorridors #PlantTrees #DaintreeNature #Donate

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The 2024 Annual Community Tree Planting Day, scheduled for 18 May, is a very special one - we are celebrating 25 years of Rainforest Rescue and we cannot wait to celebrate with you 🌱🌱🌳.

Come join us for a morning of planting trees, restoring the rainforest and connecting with like-minded people: (link in bio).

#DaintreeRainforest #TreePlanting #PlantATree #AustralianRainforest #FNQ #NativeNursery #Conservation #Queensland #AustralianTrees #TreesAreTheAnswer #TimeToGrow #PlantARainforest #RR25 #TheBestTimeIsNow

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The Daintree rainforest is one of the most complex tropical rainforest ecosystems on Earth.

It`s also one of the most biodiverse rainforests, continuously evolving and growing, living and breathing for over 180 million years - the Daintree is a unique and remarkable wonder 💚.

It makes sense that many of us want to preserve it.

If you are feeling it too, consider becoming a Rainforest Guardian: (link in bio) 💚.

📷: Emily Silverstone

#RainforestGuardian #Daintree #Rainforests #DaintreeRainforest #Conservation #ProtectTheDaintree #ProtectRainforestsForever #AustralianRainforest #DaintreeWildlife #Wildlife #ClimateChange

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#CritterCorner: Did you know that Hercules Moths (Coscinocera hercules) don`t eat?

Well, they can`t because they don`t have mouths 😶.

As adult moths, they survive on food stores that they ate prior to metamorphosis 🐛🦋.

Hercules Moths spend most of their lives as caterpillars, and during that time they live on food plants such as the Bleeding heart (Homalanthus novoguineensis), Red bean trees (Dysoxylum mollissimum subsp. molle) and Cheese trees (Glochidion ferdinandi) 🌿.

Head over to our website to learn more: (link in bio) 💚.

📷: @minibeastwildlife

#HerculesMoth #AustralianMoths #Daintree #DaintreeRainforest #FNQ #Conservation #DaintreePlants #DaintreeWildlife #ProtectTheDaintree #RainforestWildlife #BleedingHeart #RedBeanTrees #CheeseTrees #TreesAreTheAnswer #DaintreeMoths #GiantMoths

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