Together We Can Protect Rainforests Forever

Rainforests are under constant threat from development and climate change. Protecting and restoring rainforests is our business. Join Us!

How YOU can help

Noah's Beach courtesy of Darren Jew


Rainforests support around half of all land-based species of plants and animals on Earth. Structurally complex, rainforests are essential to both animals and humans.



Many rainforests are disappearing with 65,000 hectares cleared or significantly de-graded every single day. Restoration is possible. We believe Trees Are The Answer.



We are losing the rich diversity of the rainforests. Many of these irreplaceable animal and plant species are now under threat and need our help to survive into the future.

From little things, big things grow

and look how you’ve helped us grow since 1999!

293,568 in Australia
33,000 Overseas
39 in Daintree, Queensland
1 in Pyengana, Tasmania
967,451 in the Daintree
809,400 in Tasmania
in Australia
Founded in 1999


You did it! Lot 19 Forest Close, almost 7 hectares of rainforest, will be protected forever.
This property reconnects the five properties within the Rainforest Rescue Nature Refuge with the protected National Park and World Heritage Area.



The team from The Daily Aus, in partnership with the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), came to the Daintree Rainforest to see the impacts of climate change for themselves and understand the vital role our work plays in helping mitigate climate change.



In 2010 we purchased an abandoned palm oil plantation at Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Rd & began restoring it. In 2021 the local Yalanji language committee granted Lot 46 the traditional name of Kurranji Bubu (Cassowary Land) and it is now a protected Nature Refuge.



When you give generously, you become part of a committed team of individuals who collectively are helping to preserve some of the most biodiverse habitats and the species that live within them on this planet.
Become a Rainforest Rescuer today!

  • “At Klorane we are pharmacists, we are botanists, and we are committed to the planet. And we have been doing this for over 50 years. 2022 marks an important year as we are going one step further in our environmental actions by supporting Rainforest Rescue in growing 50,000 trees in the Daintree. It is our mission to support crucial plant rescue and protection programs, as well as inspiring a love of plant science in generations to come.”

    Laurent-Emmanuel Saffré Head of Oceania Region for Klorane and CEO of Pierre Fabre Australia

Rainforest Rescue on Instagram

The goal for our new nursery is to be able to produce 150,000 trees per year, and for this to ultimately be a self-sustaining social enterprise that serves the local community. During construction and when fully operational, it will also provide skilled jobs that make a real difference to people in the local area, including indigenous communities.

But to get there, we need your help to be part of something special that will serve the Daintree and beyond.

Your donation can help us scale up the nursery and create positive impact for generations to come.

Link in bio.

🎥: @martinstringerphotography

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The Daintree is a particularly precious environment. This is why we are building the Daintree’s most productive nursery.

It will be the largest single undertaking by Rainforest Rescue, ever. And we're excited to have YOU with us on this journey!

Because of visionary and generous supporters like YOU, we are now creating the capacity to produce 150,000 trees per year.

And we need your help - Be part of something special that will serve the Daintree and beyond.

DONATE TODAY - Link in bio 💚🔗 .

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We're planting MORE trees on Saturday, 16 July 🌳🌳🌳. And you're invited.

Together with we are joining forces to hold a Tree Planting Day. Because together we can Protect Rainforests Forever.

Come plant with us - link in bio 💚.

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Meet Marine, the Daintree Nursery Manager with Rainforest Rescue.

Marine's vision is to help grow its first 75,000 trees at the new nursery within the first year, with more than 1 million trees produced at the end of the first decade 🌳🌳🌳.

We need YOUR help to do this.

DONATE TODAY - Link in bio 💚🔗 .

Your donation will be matched up to the value of $25k, up until 30 June.

This way, your can help us not only scale up the new nursery but you’ll be also doubling your impact.

📷: © Liana Cornell, from the documentary series Refugia

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If we are going to help mitigate climate change and restore more rainforest, then we need to produce MORE trees, because #TreesAreTheAnswer 🌳🌳🌳.

We’re building a new Rainforest Rescue nursery to help produce 150,000 trees per year. This is going to be the largest single undertaking by our team!

And we need YOUR help 💚.

Your donation can help us scale up the nursery and create positive impact for generations to come. Help us create the change we all want to see in the world.

DONATE TODAY - Link in bio 💚🔗 .

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It’s time for Rainforest Rescue to grow and to scale up our rainforest restoration efforts.

This is why we're building a new native Daintree nursery with the capacity to produce 150,000 trees a year.

And we need YOUR help 💚.

DONATE TODAY - Link in bio 💚🔗 .

Your donation will be matched up to the value of $25k, up until 30 June.

This way, your can help us not only scale up the new nursery but you’ll be also doubling your impact 🌳🌳.

Let’s do it 💚.

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It's estimated there may be as many as 73,000 species of trees on earth 🌳🌳🌳😲.

In the Wet Tropics alone, you can find about 920 different species of trees.

And within 1 hectare of the Daintree Rainforest you can reasonably expect between 120 to 150 different species of tree. Such rich diversity!

Conservation work in the Daintree supports this ancient forest ecosystem that has been evolving longer than any other in the world - by tens of millions of years - and is Australia’s largest and most biodiverse.

Consider becoming a #RainforestGuardian to help us protect one of the Australia's most precious rainforests - link in bio 🔗.

📷: Martin Stringer Photography

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Did you know that a human breathes about 9.5 tones of air in a year, but oxygen only makes up about 21% of that air, by mass, and we extract a little over a third of the oxygen from each breath?

So, that's about 740kg of oxygen per year. Very roughly, it’s seven or eight trees’ worth 🌳🌳🌳.

With 7.753 billion (2020) people on earth, we need MANY trees!

The Rainforest Rescue’s native plant nursery propagates and grows all the rainforest trees for our Daintree lowland revegetation and restoration projects, which is about 12,000 plants per year. However, our new Native Nursery will be capable of growing 150,000 trees per year, which will help us replant a minimum of 22 hectares of rainforest habitat every year.

Help us grow and plant even MORE trees - link in bio 🔗 .

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#CritterCorner: Have you seen a Lemuroid Ringtail Possum (Hemibelideus lemuroides) recently?

Climate change has been threatening these possums, because they live in cool, moist, high altitude forests, where any increase in temperature impacts their ability to maintain their body temperature.

Next time you visit the Wet Tropics, walk quietly scanning the canopy - you may spot a Lemuroid Ringtail Possum leaping up to 2-3 metres between branches.

Read more about the Lemuroid Ringtail Possum online - send us a message to get the link 🔗.

📷: David White

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Have you seen the ‘The Green Planet’ 🌏💚 already?

The BBC’s Natural History has partnered with Moondance Foundation to launch a campaign inspired by David Attenborough series ‘The Green Planet’, which takes viewers into the parallel world of plants.

From local communities restoring their natural green spaces, to inventors using ground-breaking technology to preserve our green planet, the campaign aims to inspire hope – not fear – taking audiences on a journey through wild forests, open meadows and right into the centre of our towns and cities.

Discover more on @bbcearth 💚.

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