The Southern Cassowary… A Role Model Father

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Male cassowaries are role model fathers for all dads, human or otherwise. As a hard-working parent, the male Cassowary is responsible for hatching their chicks and raising them, teaching them all they need to know until they are independent enough to make their own way in the world. Remind you of anyone?

Southern Cassowaries 'Sammy' & 'Peanut' © Robert TideySouthern Cassowaries ‘Sammy’ & ‘Peanut’ © Robert Tidey

This Father’s day what better way to say “I love you Dad/Uncle/Grandpa” than with a LivingGift that will protect and restore rainforest for the endangered Southern Cassowary.

Order your LivingGift now to ensure your Dad gets his gift in time for Father’s Day.

Cassowaries are regarded as a ‘keystone’ species. Through eating the fruits of over 240 species of rainforest plants and excreting the seeds great distances from the parent plant, the cassowary plays a vital role as a ‘rainforest gardener’. Many rainforest plants depend on the cassowary to move about the landscape … without them, the structure of the rainforest would permanently change.

These incredible birds are shy by nature and only pose a threat when defending their nests or chicks or when they’re threatened.

To learn more about these role model fathers, click here.


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