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Rainforest Guardians
Make Big Impact

Monthly contributions to Rainforest Rescue go a long way towards protecting rainforests forever. And they are tax-deductible!

You know that song, "From Little Things, Big Things Grow?" It's true in so many ways.

At Rainforest Rescue we know the value of planting seeds. And we know that those "little things" produce powerful conservation results. Our Daintree Nursery produces over 20,000 Daintree-propagated trees and plants every year, all grown from the tiniest of seeds, and we put them back into the ground so they can grow. And grow they do! 

In fact, Rainforest Rescue has been responsible for putting over 276,000 trees back into Nature in Australia - and 33,000 overseas. We've also rescued 34 properties in Australia - 33 of those in the profoundly biodiverse and ecologically essential Daintree Rainforest.

Our Rainforest Guardians program helps keep us going strong so that we can keep producing solid conservation outcomes. Joining our Regular Giving Program as a Rainforest Guardian is a simple and effective way for you to support our mission and to make saving rainforests a regular activity...easily! And it also proves, regularly, that from little things, big things grow.

Your ongoing gifts - powerful and efficient!

Your automatic monthly Guardian contribution gives you the satisfaction of:

  • giving us the security to make long-term commitments to protecting rainforests in Australia and overseas by creating a sustainable funding base;
  • providing continuity on our conservation commitments and research programs;
  • reducing our administration costs so more money goes into protecting rainforests and less into raising funds to do so;
  • ensuring the long-term viability of our environmental outcomes;
  • allowing us to budget and prepare for new opportunities to save endangered rainforests;
  • spread the cost of your donation over the year by making smaller donation amounts on a monthly basis but still significantly contributing to rainforest protection
  • small regular contributions add up to big impact! 


become a Rainforest Guardian today

For as little as $1 a day or $30 a month, you can become a Rainforest Guardian and help save your  piece of the rainforest today!

                        JOIN now                              

Start easy and affordable regular giving

  • Express your commitment to protecting rainforests by specifying the amount you can donate once a month, suiting your lifestyle and financial circumstances;
  • have all your donations summarised for you on one convenient tax receipt that is mailed to you at the end of the financial year;
  • save time and money through not having to mail in your donations.
  • make a big difference over time! 

Your monthly donation will be deducted from your nominated credit card or bank account on the 1st of every month (or closest business day).

Give monthly donations-save more rainforest!

By giving on a monthly basis you can be sure that your donation is directly contributing to real conservation outcomes. For example, a donation of $25 per month will:

  • purchase and protect 5m2 of high conservation-value Daintree Rainforest
  • plant and nurture to maturity two rainforest trees within Australia

Every month! Start now

Contribute now to saving rainforests forever!

Becoming a Rainforest Guardian is as simple as calling us on 1300 763 611 or create a regular recurring donation.

All donations to Rainforest Rescue are tax deductible and you can indicate your preference for supporting specific projects.

If you would prefer to make an off-line donation by completing and posting us a form, please use one of the following forms:

Ongoing Giving or One-off donations. Print it, fill it out and send it to us. The address is on the form.

Together we are Protecting Rainforests Forever. Thank you!


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