New Plans to Protect Rainforest at Forest Creek

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Last year we appealed for donations to purchase land we identified as having high conservation value and urgently requiring development protection.

Thanks to donations and grants we protected three of these properties.

In November last year we settled on Lot 16 Forest Close, Forest Creek and yesterday (30 April) we settled on two properties adjacent to it, Lots 17 and 18 Forest Close.

These properties have high conservation value, and our surveys revealed an abundance of flora (128 species). Their proximity to the Daintree River also meant they were at very high risk of development.

We must still purchase 13 Forest Creek Road to maximise our conservation efforts at the Rainforest Rescue Nature Refuge and connect two areas of World Heritage Area/National Park.

Assessing conservation value

Only high conservation value land is purchased by Rainforest Rescue. Prospective properties are assessed through a detailed survey undertaken by Advisors to the Board, Allen Sheather, and his partner Barbara Maslen.

Rainforest Rescue’s ten-point ‘balanced scorecard’ criteria:

1. Does it have connectivity to other protected land?

2. Can invasive weeds be controlled?
3. How much regenerated or revegetated is required?

Development risk
4. Does it have a building DA?
5. Is the terrain suitable for development?
6. Is it outside a gazetted conservation precinct?

Habitat potential
7. Is it classified as essential habitat for the endangered Southern Cassowary?
8. Have threatened species been identified on it?

9. How much clearing and rubbish removal will be required?

10. Value for money in the current property market.

Our ambitious vision is to buy back and protect all remaining high conservation value properties in the Daintree Lowland Rainforest by 2040. We have now rescued 24 properties in the Daintree, but there is still a long way to go.

Please make your donation today and help us Buy Back and Protect the Daintree  – much of the unprotected land is on the market for sale and development!


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