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With this theme for 2021, sustainability awareness in the fashion industry is hitting the mark

‘Human rights and the rights of nature are interconnected and interdependent; we are part of the wider living world and our right to a healthy environment depends on the health of our planet.’

Creating a revolution of sustainability in the fashion industry has its challenges. How to create and dispose of the various materials that are part of fabric making and manufacturing processes so that no harm is done to the environment or contributes substantially to the waste industry. Fortunately, new technology is evolving in response to increasing advocacy for this sustainability. A much stronger focus is taking place within the manufacturing sector on non-toxic fabric production which would enable clean recycling and far less clothing-created waste. However, these options are primarily located in cities. When fashion designers are located in rural areas far from these large hubs, the challenges of implementing sustainability are magnified.

Arnhem Bickley and her Arnhem clothing team recently held a dynamic Fashion Revolution panel discussion in Byron Bay where the label has its base. This event brought together like-minded purveyors and designers to discuss these, and other aspects of the industry focused on sustainability within clothing design, manufacture, and recycling.

Arnhem (on left) brings out the super power sustainability smiles

Arnhem (left) brings out the superpower sustainability smiles! Striving for a sustainably fashionable clothing industry.

These dynamic and knowledgeable industry and environmental players were:

  • Camille Reed – founder of Australasian Circular Textile Association, supporting and facilitating the acceleration toward a circular economy for the textiles sector;
  • Dr. Clara Vuletich – sustainability strategist and designer with over 10 years of international experience in sustainable materials, circular economy principles for fashion/textiles, and social impact issues in global supply chains;
  • Dane Ward – General Manager of Afends, a local lifestyle brand that is known for its Hemp Revolution campaign and driving change through sustainable fibers;
  • Anneli Knight – strategic writing consultant, author, and journalist with decades of story-telling experience;
  • John Condilis – Founder of Nobody Denim, an iconic Australian fashion brand and a pioneer of ethical and sustainable manufacturing in Melbourne;
  • Samantha Delgos – Production Manager at Arnhem, and passionate advocate for sustainable textiles and ethical manufacturing, an environmental activist with 5 years experience working closely with craft communities in India; and
  • Special guest Jonno Clark – Apex Harmony coordinator with Sea Shepherd.
Madeleine Faught with two of the happy Arnhem team

Madeleine Faught with two of the sustainably fashionable Arnhem team

Our Chair, Madeleine Faught, attended this event, supporting Arnhem as a respected partner of Rainforest Rescue, but also in support of Arnhem’s determination for the creation of truly ethical clothing. The topics, talks, and interactions fuelled a serious buzz among the panel participants, and from every member of the audience! The panelists provided their knowledge and insights on current sustainability measures within the industry and then delved into what might be possible for rural-based designers.

Madeleine was impressed with the speakers, and with the positive, enthusiastic, and warm Arnhem team. A company that obviously functions as a family unit; with mutual care, respect and support a key factor of its success to date.

While the development of the ultimate sustainable Fashion Revolution is ongoing, this event has helped create a stronger platform for innovation through local designers working together to achieve their determination of truly sustainable, earth-friendly fashion production.

Watch Arnhem’s space because this is a clothing design and designer on the move, offering beautiful clothing with an equally beautiful ethic attached! Sustainably fashionable clothing with a conscience.


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