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Restoring Lot 96 Cape Tribulation Road

Approx 1.84 hectares of the Daintree National Park had been cleared; some legally for an access road and some illegally for illicit crop production.
The wet was late in arriving this season, slowing the start of our current restoration project within the upper northeast section of Daintree National Park at Lot 96 Cape Tribulation Road.

Removing the invasive species 

As no specific funding was available to the National Parks to carry out the project, we agreed to undertake this essential regeneration work on their behalf.

Over six months we will work to restore rainforest through revegetation work and the removal of debris and invasive species, both of which have severely restricted natural regeneration.

Rainforest Rescue has enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the local National Parks department in the Daintree for many years; our nursery and seed propagation operations are built on national parks land, and in return, we provide our expertise to restore cleared national park when they have not been able to secure specific funding. Knowing this land is permanently protected and preserved for future generations is our motivation.*

Like all restoration sites, we first slashed the grasses and weeds leaving any remnant vegetation. The resulting mulch provides a very nutrient-rich, weed-suppressing layer of protection.

Some of the thicker growth included the unusual and long-living coral fern Gleichenia dicarpa much prized by florists. Typical of ferns, it spreads by spores and rhizomes, and will continue to re-emerge for several years – one reason we maintain all restoration sites for at least two years is to ensure the seed bank of unwanted plants is destroyed.

We have planted 3500 seedlings from a variety of rainforest species. In total 9600 trees will be planted. All will be grown in our nursery from seeds with local provenance.

Restoring Lot 96 will complete a key habitat corridor, linking rainforest to riparian and providing a vital biodiversity corridor between protected, preserved land managed by Rainforest Rescue and that of the greater Daintree National Park.

The final 3000 trees to complete this restoration project will be planted by volunteers at our Plant a Rainforest day on 24 May.

To get involved register here

Rainforest Rescue also provides a fee for restoration service for private landholders. for more information call 1300 763 611

Holes are dug in preparation for our community tree planting


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