Rainforest Rescue Helps the Daintree National Park Grow

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Yesterday Rainforest Rescue gifted a property to the Qld Department of Environment and Heritage Protection that bordered on the Daintree National Park, effectively growing the size of the Park.

The decision on part of our Board means a cost-saving whilst ensuring permanent protection of the rainforest through its inclusion within the boundaries of the Daintree National Park.

Lot 76 Rosewood Road Cow Bay, directly opposite Rainforest Rescue’s Baralba Corridor Nature Refuge, was in near pristine condition, with only a small number of trees removed to create a driveway, so we left it to regenerate naturally.

On all our properties we pay annual council rates and also a once-off fee of approximately $3,000 to place nature refuge status on the property.

“We are not about building a portfolio of property assets – we are about protecting as much rainforest as we possibly can,” said Grant Binns, Managing Director Rainforest Rescue “By gifting the property these saving can now be directed into protecting and restoring additional rainforest in the area”.

The gift and agreement were ratified by a Qld ministerial submission and ensures that if for any reason the property is no longer protected under National Parks status, the government is obliged to return the land to Rainforest Rescue.

“This is an innovative way to protect rainforest forever with no ongoing costs to Rainforest Rescue,” explained Grant.


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