Workplace Giving is a great way for your company and staff to support Rainforest Rescue!

Match your employees’ donations through Workplace Payroll Deductions, making Rainforest preservation part of your business mission. Workplace Giving enhances your CSR (corporate social responsibility) status and organisation’s reputation, demonstrates a commitment to help mitigate climate change and builds greater employee morale.

We work collaboratively with our Workplace Giving partners to ensure their programs are meaningful and engaging. Rainforest Rescue will support you and your staff through regular impact communications and a range of engaging activities.

Benefits to your Company include

Attract Proactive workers

According to statistics, at least 42% of young Australians prefer to work for an organisation that is having a positive impact on the world. By 2010 this group will make up 75% of the workforce.

Retain Happy Employees

85% of employees surveyed said that their company’s Workplace Giving program made it ‘a better place to work’ and research shows that staff who participate are more loyal to the company.

Increase ROI

Employers with highly engaged employees deliver up to 7 times greater shareholder returns than organisations with low employee engagement.

Workplace Giving offers your organisation accountability and control and is both cost-effective and tax-effective.

To establish a Workplace Giving Programme:

• Fill out the Work to Protect Rainforests Forever form.
• For more information or assistance contact Rainforest Rescue

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