Workplace Giving is a great way to support Rainforest Rescue!

Workplace Giving is a simple, regular and cost-effective way of donating from your salary. Contribute as little as $1 a day to support Rainforest Rescue in protecting the pristine habitat of endangered species like Bennett’s Tree Kangaroo, the Spotted-tail Quoll, the Southern Cassowary and hundreds more.

Workplace donations are 100% tax deductible, coming out of your pre-tax salary and thus reducing your taxable income.

Your contribution will help …

Save Wildlife

You can feel great about helping to preserve hundreds of rare and endangered species of rainforest plants & animals, with an automatic monthly deduction that helps us plan and execute long-term conservation programs.

Plant a Rainforest

If you can’t get your hands dirty at least you can support others doing the planting! Your generous monthly donation through Workplace Giving supports the planting of up to 20,000 trees per year!

Save Rainforest

Realise your ‘service to the planet’ and help save these ‘Lungs of the Earth’, both for the vast diversity of species and also us HUMANS!! Make an impact to help mitigate CLIMATE CHANGE with hundreds of others through Workplace Giving today.

Workplace Giving offers you accountability and control and is both cost-effective and tax-effective.

To establish a Workplace Giving Programme:

• Fill out the Work to Protect Rainforests Forever form.
• For more information or assistance contact Rainforest Rescue

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