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Rainforests cover only 6% of the Earth’s surface yet they contain over 50% of the world’s animal and plant species. They also play a critical role in climate regulation by stimulating rainfall and producing oxygen to sustain life.

Over three-quarters of Australia’s rainforests have been cleared since European settlement. Only fragments remain across northern Australia and down the east coast to Tasmania.

Our Plant a Rainforest Project, restores areas of rainforest within the Daintree rainforest of Far North Qld and the Big Scrub rainforest of northern NSW.

Working in partnership with the local community, we plant over 250 different species of rainforest trees to create and maintain a diverse ecosystem for the many species of plants and animals that call the rainforest home.

Every $10 enables Rainforest Rescue the equivalent of planting and maintaining one rainforest tree in the Daintree Rainforest for two years. Cost per tree is based on the cost of propagation, planting and maintenance. Funds also go to support the operations of Rainforest Rescue in our mission to Protect Rainforests Forever.

Message inside printed cards
<giver’s name> has bought you a gift of xx rainforest trees which will be planted on your behalf.

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