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Plant a rainforest FAQ

Q. How will the trees I’ve sponsored be planted?

A. Rainforest Rescue’s team will ensure your tree or trees are successfully established. They will plant and care for the trees. Throughout the year we also hold special community tree planting events for the public to Plant a Tree, and on those occasions the Rainforest Rescue Tree Planting Team do the site preparation and all of the after care required.

Q. Who will look after the trees I’ve sponsored?

To ensure that your trees survive Rainforest Rescue employs staff to care for them. The Rainforest Rescue Tree Planting Team of employees visit the sites regularly to remove weeds, plant new trees, water and to protect the trees against grazing animals.

Q. Where does my tree sponsorship money go?

A. Weeds are a big issue. We visit the plantings regularly to remove the weed copmpetition to ensure the seedlings have the best chance of survival. It takes two years of care and maintenance before trees are successfully established.

Q. Will my trees survive?

A. We have a 98% survival rate for our planted trees. Your donation ensures that extra special care can be provided.

Q. What species of trees is Rainforest Rescue planting?

A. Rainforest Rescue will plant over 250 different species of rainforest trees. We aim to create a diverse rainforest ecosystem for the many species of plants and animals that exist in the rainforest.

Q. How long will my trees live?

A. Some rainforest trees live a very long time, hundreds and even thousands of years.

Q. How big will my tree grow?

Some rainforest trees grow very big indeed, just like this huge fig tree growing in the hinterland of Byron Bay. Subtropical rainforest trees grow up to around 40 metres high.

Q. Will the planted trees create habitat links?

A. Yes, we choose tree-planting sites that enhance existing rainforest remnants and provide links and corridors for wildlife. We want to help threatened species and restore the 75% of Australian rainforest that has been destroyed.

Q. What about climate change?

A. Plant a Tree for Climate Change and reduce global warming. Each rainforest tree planted will absorb around one tonne of carbon in its lifetime.

Q. What about drought?

A. Rainforest Rescue is planting your trees in areas where rainforest formerly existed. These locations have very high rainfall and when drought hits Australia these areas are often unaffected. The Big Scrub rainforest in northern NSW has an average rainfall of 2000mm.

Q. What about bushfires?

A. While eucalyptus and other forest types in Australia love fire and burn very easily, rainforest trees don’t burn well. By their very nature they contain a lot of water and won't catch fire unless extreme conditions exist.

Q. Can i visit the trees I’ve sponsored?

A. Yes, in many cases Rainforest Rescue plants the trees where you can come and visit them and experience the growing rainforest.

Q. Does rainforest rescue receive government funding?

A. Rainforest Rescue was established to provide opportunities to contribute to rainforest conservation. We are committed to building relationships with individuals, philanthropists, businesses and grants making organisations through which the majority of our funding is sourced. We also receive limited government funding for specific outcomes.

Q. Other questions?
A. If you have any other questions we’d love to hear them. Please contact us by email or phone 1300 763 611.



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