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Plant a rainforest

Every second the earth loses an area of Rainforest the size of two football fields with tragic consequences for both developing and industrial countries.

Rainforest Rescue's Plant a Rainforest projects replant previously cleared areas of rainforest and establish habitat for the plants and animals endemic to the specific ecosystem, which protects its precious biodiversity.

This biodiversity maintains our atmosphere and establishes the ecosystem upon which all of humanity depends, including rainfall generation and climate regulation. Rainforests also hold the key to new medicines of benefit to humankind.



Rainforest Rescue provides an opportunity for you to ‘sponsor’ the planting of a tree or trees to help restore the Daintree.

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Byron Bay

The Big Scrub was once the largest expanse of subtropical rainforest in Australia. Today less than one percent remains.

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Mission Beach

restoring Wongaling Creek

Partnering with traditional owners and the local community, we're restoring rainforest in the Cassowary Coast Region around Mission Beach.

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Rainforest Rescue's LivingGifts

Support real on-ground conservation projects in Australia and overseas Learn more about our meaningful gifts