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Our team 

To contact any of our team members from the list below, please call our Mullumbimby office on 02 6684 4360 or send us an email

Branden Barber, CEO

Branden Barber is a lifelong environmentalist. Starting with a degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz, he cut his teeth with Greenpeace International on the Rainbow Warrior and then ran the Victorian State Office for Greenpeace Australia. Over the last 25 years he’s worked in both the social profit and for profit sectors, from start-ups to S&P 500 companies to NGO's, large and small. In the last decade, Branden has been involved with various environmental organizations as staff or as consultant, served on the Leadership Teams at both Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch, and has sat on several boards - always with a focus on the environment. He’s passionate about rainforests, is ardently committed to the natural world, and brings a wealth and breadth of experience to Rainforest Rescue as our CEO.

Grant Morrison, Daintree Land Manager

Grant has significant experience in restoration and land management. He is responsible for planning, planting, maintaining and monitoring the revegetation of Rainforest Rescue’s properties in the Daintree region.

Marine Deliens, Daintree Nursery Manager

Marine is an accredited horticulturalist and rainforest enthusiast. Her role at Rainforest Rescue includes management of the Daintree Nursery - seed collection, species selection, propagation and growing-of trees required for revegetation of the Daintree Rainforest. Marine also coordinates volunteers at the nursery.

Kristin Canning, Business Partnerships

Kristin has worked in social change marketing, advertising and as a relationship manager for over 15 years. Kristin's passion for environmental and humanitarian causes was fuelled after holding her end of year university lecture and thesis on the need to introduce environmental impacts product labelling in Australia. 

Once starting work with Australia's first 'ethically minded' advertising agency, Kristin worked with Amnesty International, Greenpeace Australia, Red Cross and launched Australia's first Green Power energy product. In New York City Kristin was then involved in executing Johnson and Johnson's historic global carbon emissions reduction campaign, Healthy Planet 2010 and worked with many US based non profits including City Harvest and Conservation International (CI). Kristin also ran the Sydney office of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and was the Corporate Relations Manager for Pathways Foundation.  Kristin is thrilled to now be a part of the Rainforest Rescue team. 

Kaley Morrissey, Donor Care Executive

Kaley comes to Rainforest Rescue from a long history in the  not-for-profit sector. With a background in finance and administration,  she also has many years experience in event and project management.  Kaley has a BA in Law & Society and several industry qualifications.  Kaley is a longtime environmentalist with a passion for nature. One of  her favorite quotes is by Prince Charles "I will do everything within my  power to be a protector of nature - full stop!". The best thing about working for Rainforest Rescue is  being able to speak with supporters everyday about how they feel and about what's important to them. When not at Rainforest Rescue Kaley can no doubt be found on a kayak or on a mountain trail.

Emily Silverstone, Daintree Supporters Coordinator

Emily is our first point of contact with visitors to the Daintree and  local businessess. A qualified tour guide, Emily talks with people  about Rainforest Rescue's work at local events and markets. She also  works with local businesses to develop partnerships to help protect the  local rainforest which in-turn supports their business.

Dr Robert Kooyman, Scientific Advisor

 Dr Robert Kooyman has been involved with protected area and conservation management for over 40 years. His current research focus is on the evolutionary ecology, botany, and paleo-botany of the Gondwanan, Australian, and Southeast Asian rainforests. He continues to be involved in large-scale rainforest restoration in Australia, and Madagascar, and has undertaken studies of the rate and direction of recovery from disturbance of rainforest types around the world. He has participated in collaborative global studies of rainforest species distributions, and forest dynamics and ecology, and has published extensively in high impact scientific journals. He is a Research Fellow with Macquarie University, and an Honorary Research Associate with the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, and Missouri Botanical Garden (USA). See more about Dr. Kooyman's Research

Allen Sheather, Daintree Ecological Advisor

Long-time champion for the Daintree, Allen Sheather has been involved in the fight to protect the rainforest for many years, including setting up the Daintree Community Nursery and being involved in a range of conservation projects and organisations. He has lived in the area since the early 80's has honed his ecological knowledge of the local rainforest over this time. Allen's ecological knowledge is vital to Rainforest Rescue's identification of vulnerable rainforest to protect and help with our Plant a Rainforest program.  

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