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Steven Nowakowski

Steven Nowakowski Agincourt Reef Biopack Art Series Rainforest to Reef Rainforest Rescue Australia"Agincourt Reef" (Photograph)

Why I love being part of this campaign

"In a world where diminishing resources including wilderness is being lost forever, Rainforest Rescue is reversing this trend to give something back to our children and their children so they too can wander, explore and connect. If we can’t defend, protect and restore our forests and wild places then life going forward is dim for humankind. Rainforest Rescue is our light on the hill."

About my Artwork

Steven Nowakowski is a wilderness photographer based in far North Queensland. The Daintree region in particular provides endless inspiration for Steven. Rainforest Rescue is instrumental in the long term viability and survival of some of Australia’s most unique and wonderful creatures and plant forms.

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