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Paul Ijsendoorn

Paul Ijsendoorn Cassowary Biopack Art Series Rainforest to Reef Rainforest Rescue Australia"Cassowary" (Photograph)

About the Artwork

Paul's iconic cassowary photograph has been used as the poster image heading the Save the Cassowary campaign since its inception in 2013.

Also, this isn't the first time Paul's photograph has been used on a cup. Biopak produced a special edition 'Save the Cassowary' biodegradable cup for the launch of the campaign. Coffee shops, such as the Daintree Discovery Centre cafe, collect gold goin donations for cassowary conservation when people choose Paul's cassowary cup. So it's very fitting that the stunning photograph has been included in the rainforest2reef campaign. The cassowary is a good news conservation story for the Daintree with populations at a much healthier level than 20 years ago.

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