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Karen Shuan

Karen Shuan Jalungkarr Biopack Art Series Rainforest to Reef Rainforest Rescue Australia"Jalungkarr (Flash Flood)"

Why I love being part of this campaign

"The Rainforest to Reef campaign inspires many of us Indigenous artists. It inspires the storytelling."

About my Artwork

"Mossman Gorge once had a flash flood through it - through the community, our communiity. The water started rising and all of a sudden they got washed away. That was the most passionate and painful story really. How did they survive through that flash flood? But they did survive. I chose this because I recently lost my mother. Before she did pass on, she told me we had to perform this [flash flood dance] anywhere and remember who we are and where we were from. This is what my grandfather taught me, my father taught em. And now I am teaching you."

Artist Clan:

Kuku Yalanji, Mossman, Far North Queensland

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