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Janette Thompson

Janette Thompson Ancient Birds Biopack Art Series Rainforest to Reef Rainforest Rescue Australia"Ancient Birds" (Pencil Acrylic on Paper)

Why I love being part of this campaign

"Major extinctions have occurred during the history of the earth well before the time of man. (I am reading widely on this) Today however we (Humans) are a contributing factor towards the elimination of so many bird/ animal species. Todays creatures seem now only able to survive with our help. example= Habitat rescue, predator control and restabilising food, shelter and nesting sites."

About my Artwork

"The Great Cassowary  deserves to survive and flourish “ he is one example of a link to the past -only with our help has he the best chance to do so. “Ancient Birds”2016 was created with thoughts of survival. this bird/dinosaur had no competition , he ruled the skies during the Cretaceous period and then became extinct. I nave portrayed  in my art a survivor and hope today with our help/rescue many more species can do the same."

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