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David Brayshaw

David Brayshaw Marooned Reef Biopack Art Series Rainforest to Reef Rainforest Rescue Australia"Marooned Reef" (Painting)

Why I love being part of this campaign

"From my first exploration of the Great Barrier Reef in 1999 to my most recent trip I have seen dramatic change, nowhere more than the areas surrounding Lizard Island such as the Ribbon Reefs. This oil painting titled “Marooned” was created before the most recent coral bleaching event and shows the ruins of a glass bottom boat wedged among healthy corals. This image foretells the threat to tourism on the Reef and the lost opportunity for future generations to experience the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Sadly much of this Northern section of the Reef has been seriously damaged, only with urgent action can Southern sections of the Reef be protected from potential serious bleaching of hard corals and a chance given for the Northern Great Barrier Reef to recover."

About my Artwork

David Brayshaw has been a professional artist for 35 years and been visiting and painting the Great Barrier Reef since 1999. He is invested in promoting the extraordinary beauty of the Reef through his art in attempts to mobilise further protection and care for its future.

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