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Southern Cassowaries’ Safe Habitat Extended

18 Dec 2018 at 12:00AM

 A young Southern Cassowary south of the Daintree River on teh Nightwings property

Putting Nature Back is Working in the Lower Daintree 

All of us at Rainforest Rescue this past week were thrilled when Joe Reichl, our Daintree Land Manager, got word that for the first time in over forty years, an endangered Southern Cassowary was spotted south of the Daintree River! 

Historically, all sighted cassowaries by our team have been north of the River. However, over the past few years Rainforest Rescue has worked ardently with partners and individual supporters to regenerate a huge piece of what was once a stripped sugar cane field (15 Hectares) on the Nightwings property. This has been restored by planting tens of thousands of seedlings. Now this lowland Daintree Rainforest property is being naturally re-joined to the upland Daintree, creating safe and important wildlife corridors and habitat for Daintree wildlife such as the Southern Cassowary. 

Many trees on this land are almost three metres high (nearly 10 feet) which sees them well positioned to start creating a canopy, and bringing the rainforest back to the way it was pre cultivation. 

It was here that a juvenile Southern Cassowary was seen for the first time in decades – prompting Joe to acknowledge this as a huge win for restoration: 

“This is proof restoration (planting trees) really works for wildlife!” 

Thank you to all of you who have enabled us to extend the safe habitat of these critically important creatures. 

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