A new native tree nursery for the Daintree

If we are going to help mitigate climate change and restore more rainforest, then we need to plant more trees. To plant more trees… we must produce more trees.

Together, with your help, we will increase tree production in the Daintree for restoration by over 1000%, breathing life into new restoration projects that will see the size of the Daintree increase and its resilience grow.

It’s time to grow

You know that rainforests are under threat through development, agriculture, and the increasing pressures of human activities and settlement.

You also know that rainforest habitats around the world are rapidly shrinking. As we witness these changes, we see significant impacts and the decline of many species globally. Climate change is upon us and we need to do whatever we can to mitigate the challenges it brings.

One way to make a real difference is to plant trees. Many, many more trees. To do this, Rainforest Rescue is planning to build the largest nursery in the Daintree region. You can help restore ultimately thousands of acres of Daintree rainforest by being part of this unique project.

Currently, Rainforest Rescue’s existing Nursery provides around 12,000 trees a year for planting. All these trees are going towards our restoration efforts at ‘NightWings’ to reconnect what was once cane fields back to the Rainforest along the Katharine Range and the Daintree. And it’s working. Such efforts are truly transformational.

There are three other nurseries in the Daintree region that produce around 15,000 trees annually together. Combined with Rainforest Rescue that’s about 27,000 trees in the Daintree per year. At a stretch, perhaps 30,000. This is not enough. Dramatically, climate change and habitat loss are happening faster than anyone predicted, and we need to move faster as a result.

If we are going to help mitigate climate change by drawing down more carbon, then we need to plant more trees—it really is as simple as that—#TreesAreTheAnswer. With your help, we will build the Daintree’s largest nursery that will ultimately produce 150,000 trees per year—that will provide for the replanting of almost 20 hectares of rainforest habitat every year!

Branden Allen Barbara at Lot 83

Branden, Allen, and Barbara at Lot 83, the site of the new nursery at the Gateway to the Daintree

“Our partnership with Rainforest Rescue will help implement the investment in the Daintree and deliver huge returns for biodiversity and the community. With the creation of a high-capacity rainforest nursery, Rainforest Rescue will be able to drive the revegetation strategy that will see the wold’s oldest rainforest expand and deliver significant benefits for the community, Queensland and the natural environment.”

– Steve Lacey, CEO, Queensland Trust for Nature

Daintree Rainforest Plant Nursery

New Rainforest Nursery Specifications

Footprint to be 2Ha and will comprise:

  • Two large shade houses
  • Two smaller shade houses
  • 750 m2 sun hardening space with irrigation
  • 1Ml dam for recirculation and reclamation of nutrients
  • Concrete pad for potting up and seed propagation
  • Office/administration building
  • Utility shed for tools

Branden & Marine (Rainforest Rescue), Dr Tony Parkes (Big Scrub Landcare) & Mark Dunphy (Firewheel Rainforest Nursery)

Significant Nursery Planning Milestones to Date

  • October 2020 – The dream was born and planning began!
  • Council on-side
  • Project management support from QTFN
  • Rainforest Rescue Nursery Manager, Marine Deliens, will spend 25% of her time on the new nursery and Project Manager to be hired.
  • Using Firewheel Rainforest Nursery as a template we can transfer valuable learnings, capacity and planning
  • Partnerships with QTFN and Jabalbina Aboriginal Corporation are strong and compelling – giving us greater capacity than ever before and the opportunity to undertake this bold initiative.
  • March 2021 – Phase One fundraising completed – the nursery will be built!

Where it’s atAllen and Barbara at Lot 83

Working in Far North Queensland always comes with its own challenges, and we’ve surmounted most of the ones that have been standing in our path. We’ve got the budget and the timeline and the planner and the earthworks specialists and the irrigation designers and implementers and the shed and the office and the equipment chosen – most of it. In fact, many of the things necessary to begin building are in place and ready to go – once we have the final site selected on Lot 83.

Our superpartner, Queensland Trust for Nature, has been running ecological baseline tests to make sure that we’re not building where we would be impinging on restorable, rare and endangered ecosystems. Our staff and volunteers – Justin, Marine, Allen and Barbara – have been working with the QTFN ecological science team to make sure the surveys are complete and accurate. Once we’ve got our final site – we go to planning for the site, and then we go to approvals. And then we build.

What to expect

We’ll keep you informed of how things are going and we’ll make sure you don’t miss any of the big moments – so stay tuned for more updates and look forward to when we officially break ground.


Heroes like you are Protecting Rainforests Forever

Of the 38 properties rescued through Rainforest Rescue Australia-wide – 37 in the Daintree and one BIG ONE in Tasmania’s rainforest – 22 are further protected with Nature Refuge status – protected forever. Three properties are in this process and one other has been gifted to the National Park. We’re working with the Department of Environment and Science to protect the remaining properties forever. 5 Wildlife Corridors have been established to ensure greater connectivity and protection. Protected rainforest is increasing.

This is how WE are Protecting Rainforests Forever, together.

Stay in the loop

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