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Lot 16 Cape Tribulation Road, Kimberley

Lot 16 Cape Tribulation Road (RP 740684) is a one hectare property that was purchased and protected by Rainforest Rescue in October 2012.


Lot 16 Cape Tribulation Road lies south of the Alexandra Range in an area referred to as Cape Kimberley.

The property shares a border with the Daintree National Park/World Heritage Area on its north side where it is situated at the base of the Alexandra Range. 

All properties acquired on this northern side of Cape Tribulation Road are a high priority for acquisition as the rainforest is in good condition and provides excellent connectivity to the Alexandra Range.

In this section of Cape Tribulation Road Rainforest Rescue has protected two other properties, Lot 14 and Lot 29 and three other properties on the nearby Milky Pine Road.

Conservation value

Lot 16 Cape Tribulation Road is situated in biodiversity sub-precinct '8 Forest Creek'. A total of 26 threatened plant species have been identified as occurring in this sub-precinct. These plant species are extremely valuable as three are endangered; five vulnerable; 18 rare and three species that are endemic to the Daintree lowland rainforest. 

The property is also classified as 'essential habitat' for the endangered southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) under the Qld Vegetation Management Act 1999. Essential habitat is found on and within 1.1 km of the property. 

The purchase and protection of Lot 16 Cape Tribulation Road not only saves this precious rainforest, it also reduces the potential for further settlement in the Daintree, bringing with it as it does a host of threats - clearing of rainforest, introduction of domestic dogs, increased traffic and road kills, greater demand for services and the introduction of weed species - all of which contribute to the degradation of our rainforest ecosystems.

The purchase and protection of this property was made possible by generous donations from Rainforest Rescue supporters.


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